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Sleeping bags for newborns - the guarantee of a good sleep of your crumbs

Sleeping bags for newborns is a very practical replacement for a blanket. The sleeping bag will warm in the cool night. The child can not undress in a dream. Convenient spacious forms will allow the baby to take the usual pose for sleep. There are models with lamelets on the shoulders and with sleeves. Different versions and materials make it possible to use a sleeping bag for a newborn Both in summer and in winter.

Each mom decides whether to use a sleeping bag or you can do without it. After all, all the kids react differently to dressing in the sleeping bag. This kind of bed linen has its pros and cons. Here is a complete list of all the pros and cons.

Positive sides:

  • The child will be able to accidentally throw off the blanket, especially if often moves on the bed during sleep. The sleeping bag is fastened so that it does not bind the crumbs, but firmly holds on to it.
  • To feed the baby, you do not need to undress him. And the child will not be cold in the arms of her mother at night.
  • Unlike a classical blanket, sleeping bags for newborns will not allow the kid to take cover with a head, or be entangled in it and suffocate. This is an excellent safe way to warm the baby.
  • Being in the sleeping bag reminds the child of his feelings during the perinatal period. This contributes to the quiet sleep of the baby, gives him a sense of security.

Negative sides:

  • If the child is not accustomed from birth to falling asleep in the sleeping bag, the process of habituation can be difficult and time-consuming. It will take a long time to accustom the child, protesting against the restriction of his freedom. It is advisable to start using this type of bedding as early as possible, when the crumb is not yet able to move independently on the bed.
  • Sleeping bags for newborn babies get wet if the baby is without a diaper. They can only be used in conjunction with waterproof diapers, disposable or reusable.
  • To change a diaper in a sleeping bag and not to awaken a crumb is practically impossible. To change clothes you need to take the child out of the sleeping bag. Although this can be done during night hours when there is a need to wake the baby.

Sleeping bags: buy or make by yourself?

In the stores of children's goods there is a huge selection of different sleeping bags. You can buy a light bag on straps with buttons for a warm season. Or pick up a warm, perhaps, fur sleeping bag in case of interruptions with heating in the winter. Colors and shapes will please even very picky mothers. There are sleeping bags that look more like New Year's plush suits in the form of bananas, chickens, gnomes, flowers, peas, deer, etc. At the same time, such types of sleeping accessories do not lose their convenience for direct appointment.

Recently, it has become fashionable to donate a sleeping bag to a dowry for a newborn. Perhaps, one of the relatives or friends of the family has the creative abilities and skills of needlework. Then there is a chance to get a handmade knitted or sewn sleeping bag with a unique decor. In such a thing, the baby will look very touching. Moms can make sleeping bags for newborns themselves. It's so simple that the result will not keep you waiting, and you will definitely be satisfied with your creation.

Simple pattern of a sleeping bag model for a baby

Choose the right material for the sleeping bag: cotton fabric, woolen cloth, good quality knitwear. Build a pattern on a large sheet of paper. Consider that the length of the sleeping bag should be more than the child's growth by 15-20 cm. The width can be increased if necessary.

Open the fabric according to the pattern on the picture. The pouch can be as one-piece (the pattern of the top and bottom is joined in a single cloth), and with the overlapping shelves (separately, as in a pattern). Leave a margin of 1.5-2 cm for the seams. In the lower part of the sleeping bag sew a zipper. For buckles on the shoulders you can take buttons, buttons, Velcro.

Decorate sleeping bags for newborns with separate overhead elements (flowers, typewriters, animals), embroideries, ribbons. Fantasy in decoration is boundless. Let your baby feel the warmth of his mother's love even at night in a unique sleeping bag.

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