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Card file of mobile games in the middle group: features and examples

Moving games in kindergarten - an integral part of training. Children should not only collect a designer or play dolls, but also move. However, not every educator knows what games can be played with children. This will help the card game of outdoor games. In the middle group of the game, of course, will differ from those that are introduced for toddlers or older children.

Game features for the middle group

Students in the middle group have already acquired a certain motor experience, their movements are more coordinated and coherent. Therefore, it is worthwhile to increase distances for running and throwing, the height of jumping. Also, the card file of moving games in the middle group should contain exercises for agility, attentiveness and endurance.

In the middle group, the educator can already boldly distribute roles among children. At the beginning, the child should be the one who can definitely handle this role, so that the other children watch him and clearly understand what needs to be done subsequently to them. The teacher should not forget that all outdoor games in the middle group should be understandable and accessible to children of this age. This is necessary so that children do not lose faith in their own strength, if the game is too complicated, or not bored, if the provider offers a very simple exercise. The teacher should celebrate the success of children in a particular game. So he will encourage and educate kindness and honesty.

Movable games: file cabinet

What is a well-formed card file of outdoor games? The average group on which games are designed, must realize its needs for movement, and at the same time, in teamwork. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly describe what games will be played with the guys, what type they are, what they are aimed at and how much time is spent on their conduct on a daily basis.

So, let's talk in more detail about what games can be included in the card index for the middle group, and give their descriptions.

We compose a card file

The card file of the moving games in the middle group should include both plot and non-plotting games. Their number is desirable to be made equal to develop not only the motor skills of the child, but also the imagination, the ability to compare the story with the situation.

Nesyuzhetnye games

1. Colored cars. Children stand along the wall, portraying cars. The educator gives each a flag of a certain color, he himself stands before the children and raises a flag by command. Children who have a flag of this color, begin to run around the room, portraying the car (you can buzz, "ring"). When the teacher drops the box, "cars" should return to their places.

2. Find yourself a pair. The teacher gives out flags of different colors to the guys. On cotton, children run up, waving flags over their heads, on the next signal (two claps or the words "find a pair", for example), children are looking for a couple with a flag of the same color. The game is repeated, the teacher can change several flags in the course of the game to others in some children.

3. Find where it's hidden. The children become in line, the tutor shows them a flag or other object and says that now he will hide it. Children turn away, the teacher hides the subject. At the signal the children turn and begin to look for it. The first who finds, becomes the leader. The teacher can help the child to hide the object.

Theme Games

The subject exercises, which include a card file of outdoor games in the middle group, can be called everything based on fairy tales or children's stories. Before them should be an introductory conversation, during which, for example, to divide the children into rabbits and choose one wolf, tell the rabbits that a wolf has started in the forest, to call them to caution. Then you can ask the bunnies to go for a walk, and on a certain signal a wolf should jump out, from which the hares will run. The one caught by the wolf also becomes a wolf, and also hunts the hares when the game is repeated.

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