Victorian style in men's and women's clothing: description, trends, recommendations and reviews

In the mid-19th century, significant changes occurred in England. The country began to rule the young Queen Victoria, who had to endure hard trials as a child. But she was a very determined person, and under her leadership, English society began to change. Changes have affected and clothes of Englishmen.

Victorian style in clothes

First of all, this style sought to show the beauty of women from the highest layers of English society. But men's clothes also had characteristic features. The Victorian style in clothes dominated from 1830 to 1900, until the distribution of clothing produced in factories began. But this style is popular now.

Victorian style in the 19th century

What was the Victorian style in a woman's clothes? If before the British women were dressed in tightly closed clothes, now they had the opportunity to show their shoulders and decollete.

In the 1840s and 1850s, women's dresses were dominated by wide, lush sleeves. Under a long skirt there were a lot of others that were supposed to visually increase the volume. In the 1850s, their number decreased, but under the top skirt appeared crinoline of hoops.

A corset was required for wearing in the day's dress, which made the waist an aspen and lifted the chest. In the evening dresses there was a neckline, with them a shawl was worn over the shoulders.

The ladies were ready to endure any privations to seem slimmer. The comic magazine "Punch" at that time published many caricatures depicting ladies who could neither sit nor move normally in uncomfortable dresses. With the outfit combined curly hair and small hats.

In the 1880s, the widespread habit of riding a horse led to the fact that the fashion included shirts with a high collar, as well as high hats with a veil and boots.

Hat and other headgear in the Victorian era

The Victorian style in clothes provided for a bonnet. This fashion accessory in women's clothing deserves special attention. In the 19th century, the hat was considered an obligatory attribute of a lady from high society.

In 1810, the hoods made of cardboard or straw included in the fashion. They came from Napoleonic Italy, they were decorated with flowers and feathers. By 1830, the hoods were larger in size. They performed important functions - they protected the face that carried them from the sun's rays, and closed it completely from the side. So to recognize the lady could only look her straight in the face.

Closer to 1840, the hoods became smaller in size, now you could see both the hair and the face of the girl.

In the 1860s, hats appeared on the stage. These were Tyrolean-style headdresses and puppet-sized hats. Often they were decorated with large bouquets of feathers.

The hoods and hats coexisted for a long time. The women who wore the hoods were considered old matrons.

In 1890, women's fashion took over many elements from the men's wardrobe due to the spread of an active lifestyle. Therefore, the size of the cap decreased.

Victorian style: men

What was the Victorian style in the clothes of a man? Most urban men in those days wore shirts with cuffs, and on top of them a vest. The waistcoat could have pockets designed for wearing handkerchiefs and watches. A belt could appear over it, thanks to which the figure of the young man seemed more slender.

Gloves, black or brown, were used as accessories. Gloves intended for winter, had a rim made of fur.

Men's coats of that time were very elegant. They included an ulster, a chesterfield and a tuxedo. In one of these coats went Sherlock Holmes.

Victorian and Edwardian style of clothing

Edwardian style reigned in the 1900s. Then the king of England became Edward the Seventh. In art, art nouveau is starting to prevail - a bizarre style.

By this time, the role of women in society is beginning to change. Higher education becomes accessible to it and participation in elections, now women and girls can go on bicycles and go in for sports.

But for a short period the fashion again becomes very feminine. These are long dresses of pastel tones, S-shaped corset. There is an "Edwardian style" that requires the lady to have an entire army of outfits. These are dresses for evening walks, dresses for going out into the light, outfits for hunting and hiking to relatives ... This was accompanied by accessories: gloves, hat, umbrella, shoes. Hats become very unusual and outstanding. Riding on the hat can be flowers, feathers of tropical birds, fruits. Dresses are made of beautiful and expensive materials: organza, velvet, cambric, silk.

Fashion houses in Paris now show dresses of a narrow silhouette with a flat chest, with the likeness of a corset beneath them. Working women in this era preferred to wear almost the same clothes as men. I must say that in these years a large number of new magazines appeared, which showed how to properly dress.

Children's clothing in Victorian style

Victorian style in the clothes of children, too, was present. They at that time copied the outfits of adults. Girls wore knee-length dresses, black shoes. Their hair was curly. They also wore hoods and hats.

Boys felt quite comfortable in blouses in the Russian style. In the course were suits of sailors and shirts with long collars.

Victorian style in the modern era

And in our time often reminds of a Victorian era. The style of Queen Victoria's clothes is still popular. So, many modern designers prefer to use its elements in their collections. These are lush skirts, crinolines, corsets, high collars. Victorian style in honor of representatives of different subcultures, such as emo and Goth. These people like to combine clothes of different styles, for example, a leather jacket and a lavish chiffon skirt.

Any girl will not refuse to dress for the holiday in the Victorian style. This is a magnificent dress with a corset and long sleeves, a hat with flowers, jewelry made of gold and silver, a beautiful belt. Using a little imagination and including imagination, you can create this outfit yourself.

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