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Victorian style

Victorian style became widespread in England in the late 19th century, during the reign of Queen Victoria. This was a whole trend in art, which meant the flowering of pragmatism and a materialistic approach to life, which could not but affect the design of the premises.

Victorian style in the interior

Due to the fact that this style originated for the first time in England, its synonymous name is "English style". The story of his appearance is closely related to the time and character of the reign of Queen Anne and the Puritan style of predecessor: it is not surprising that strict and ascetic Puritanism (when even the piano's legs were covered) could only lead to a "cultural explosion" in the form of a luxuriant luxury and eclecticism, Join different style elements.

English style has borrowed some features from others, so we can see in this interior elements of Gothic in the form of strict vertical lines, rococo, which added luxury and pomposity to such premises, as well as features of exotics and classics. Obviously, all these elements fully reflect the life of England at that time.

The English style is characterized by natural, durable materials that can serve for a very long time, since then, despite the fact that the society paid special attention to new ideas and discoveries, the old canons and traditions were still preserved and honored.

A characteristic feature of the Victorian style is deconstructionism. This means that the rooms of the house are decorated in different styles: for example, the cabinet can be decorated with predominance of Gothic elements, and the bedroom - in the style of rococo, the living room - in the oriental.

Also in the Victorian style, we can observe the decoration in the form of a Scottish cage and flower ornaments on the curtains.

The main feature of the English style in harmony: the interior created is symmetrical and combines saturation and steadiness in both color and objects.

Furniture in Victorian style

Entering the room with an English interior, we will see wooden furniture made of hardwoods (mainly oak), which is characterized by smooth curves. The tree can be dark or light, its main feature in the delicate design.

For this style is characterized by moderation, so notice a large sofa or table we can not in such a room, too miniature furniture - also goes beyond.

Upholstered furniture has a thick upholstery of expensive fabrics with ornaments.

Victorian style in the living room

In the living room, this style manifests itself most vividly: the walls are hung with tapestries, and the color design looks rich and deep: dark brown, purple colors predominate and are "diluted" in shades of light beige with golden tint.

Most often the living room is decorated with a large picture, the room has a sofa, a low table and several armchairs. The windows are decorated with stained-glass windows and multi-tiered curtains.

Victorian style in the bedroom

The main feature of the furniture, which is installed in the Victorian bedroom, is that it does not have sharp corners. The main element of this room is a massive oak bed with several pillows of square and rectangular shape, it is covered with a heavy cloth of rich color with brushes (or without) in the corners.

The floor is wooden, it is decorated with a natural carpet with oriental ornamental motif. On the bedside tables next to the bed, lamps are placed round and smooth with ornate hammering.

Victorian style in the kitchen

First of all, in such a kitchen there will be a lot of cabinets made of wood. They can have a modest or rich pattern. If the room does not have a separate dining room, then in the kitchen place a round or oval table with figured legs.

The working area can be made of marble in the tone of furniture, island design is unacceptable.

Chairs can be square, but should be upholstered in fabric, and the wooden case is decorated with carvings.

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