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Recognition in love of a loved one in prose

What is love? Each of us has his own answer to this question. But one thing we all know for sure is that to which everything in life strives. You can even say that LOVE is the meaning of life, the air, without which our life is impossible. When we are in love, we change, even without noticing how. Our whole life becomes another, gripped by the spirit of love. Our view on the surrounding reality is changing too. Even the most complete pessimists begin to think optimistically. During this period we want to share our joy with people close to us.

For centuries, scientists are trying to do research to identify features, but people accept it as something that is unaffordable to any scientific explanation. But despite this, research continues, and it has already been revealed that the electromagnetic field created by the heart is 30-60 times stronger than the electromagnetic field of the brain. It is also proved that when we experience strong emotions, with the help of an electromagnetic field, we transfer them to other living organisms, in particular, humans.

Love is beautiful, especially when it is mutual. Each of us wants to express his feelings and show them to his second half. Some express their senses with the help of poetry. And others prefer to do this with the help of prose: recognition in love of a loved one in prose, congratulations in prose to her husband, congratulations to the guy in prose. Often, not finding their words to express feelings, we try to make it in the words of others: we take words from books or search on the Internet. Picking up in the search engine "declaration of love for a loved one in prose," the search engine brings us a lot of sites where you can choose words for every occasion and for every taste.

When we write a declaration of love to a loved one in prose, we use affectionate words, expressions, compare the loved one with something unearthly, eternal and beautiful, for example with nature (Darling, your voice as the sound of a stream gently falling from the mountain peaks). But especially often vstchakuetsya comparison beloved with the angel, as the embodiment of a beautiful and pure ideal. Love is present everywhere: in our surroundings, in films, in plays, etc. It plays an important role in art. In recent decades, the most popular topic for music has become love, in particular unrequited or unhappy.

Recognition in prose to a loved one is also very important when loving hearts are not together. These words allow you to feel next to your soul mate, to warm your soul with his love and just feel loved and always desired, even if you are thousands of kilometers apart. The appearance of a second half is also very important during the holidays. The fun becomes even more beautiful, more beautiful and unforgettable when your happiness is full. And that's why we are striving these days to express our feelings as best as possible, using congratulations in prose to our husband, congratulating the guy in prose, trying to be unique and not to be. Female representatives in particular, inherent in all occasions, along with a gift, also write a greeting card in love to a loved one in prose.

In society there is such an opinion that after marriage, the romantic disappears from the life of lovers. But this is not so. Even after being married for decades, the spouses try to support at least a piece of romance in their life, making their life more diverse and interesting. In particular, it worries women more, because they are the custodians of the family hearth. Therefore, though occasionally you need to express your feelings and not forget about romance.

So, love is an integral part of our life, and it makes our monotonous life more beautiful and interesting. Do not be afraid to love and show your feelings. After all, the most important and beautiful things on the planet occur only thanks to love. Confess to each other in love, hold hands tightly and do not let go!

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