What is the best medicine for a yeast infection?

When there is any inflammatory disease of the genitals, women are likely to have a negative impact on the entire reproductive system. Often, pathology is the cause of infection of a newborn or fetus. With irrational, most often independent use of medicines, local immunity is suppressed, the balance of the vaginal microflora is disturbed, colonies of pathogenic microbes progress and develop. All this leads to bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis (milkmaids) in women. Treatment (drugs should be prescribed only by a specialist) can sometimes be delayed for a very long time. Among the concomitant infectious lesions, the most common are diseases caused by pathogens such as chlamydia, trichomonads, gardnerelles and others.

Preparations against thrush

All funds for candidiasis are divided into medicines for oral and topical administration. The fact that the drug from the thrush is better for a woman, the specialist determines after the diagnosis. The tolerability of the patient is also taken into account. Today, antifungal agents are available in the form of tablets of vaginal, creams, ointments, suppositories, capsules for ingestion (have a systemic effect), combined medicines (contain several active components). The effect that any drug from thrush has, primarily aimed at restoring normal vaginal flora, eliminating subjective symptoms (irritation, pruritus and others), neutralizing pathogens. Among the most popular drugs should be noted drugs polyene. They include such means as "Levorin", "Nystatin", "Natamycin". To treat candidiasis, use drugs triazolovoy group. It includes such a drug from thrush, as Flukonzal. Among other medicines, you should mention the drugs "Betadine", "Ornidazole".

Ointments, suppositories, creams

The main advantage of these dosage forms is their speed. Today, drugs are produced that can rid of candidiasis for a day. Previously, the treatment of the disease lasted from three to six days. However, any drug from thrush has drawbacks. So, for example suppositories are appointed, as a rule, two courses. In addition, many drugs, absorbed through the mucosa and penetrating the systemic bloodstream, have an adverse effect on the liver. However, this negative effect is manifested to a lesser degree than when taking medication inside.

Thrush in men

Not only do women develop candidiasis. Men are also prone to this pathology. When Candida balanoposthitis is affected head of the penis and foreskin. As a rule, it is enough to use medicines of local action for treatment. Usually, a cream containing clotrimazole is prescribed.

Additional Information

During the period of therapy, experts recommend refraining from sex. When using drugs locally after applying or processing the vagina, women should be in a prone position for at least half an hour. During this period, the medication will be absorbed into the mucosa. It is advisable to apply drugs at night.

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