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Oksana Radchenko and Lev Durov

People's Artist of the USSR Lev Konstantinovich Durov did not marry more after the death of his wife. The last years of his life were decorated with his assistant and director Oksana Radchenko, whose photo is presented below. When they met, Durov was 68 years old, and Oksana was 27. This happened in 1999, when they traveled around the country with an entertaining performance "Athens Evenings."


Oksana was then an assistant director. Durov really liked Radchenko, because he was then a very famous actor. At that time, the play that they played had a frenzied popularity. Partner for the role of Durova was a wonderful artist Olga Aroseva. At the end of the performance, as expected, funny general gatherings were held, where Durov was adored, he was the soul of the company, an inexhaustible inventor and a narrator of ridiculous anecdotes and stories. By this kindness and openness he once bribed the young Oksana, because she was still that laughter and herself liked to humor.

Oksana Radchenko + Lev Durov

About two years later Oksana got a job at the Theater on the Little Bronnaya Assistant director, where the master Durov played. And in 2002, Lev Konstantinovich himself offered Oksana to become his personal assistant. When Irina Durova's wife was still alive, Oksana was acquainted with her, she always greeted her at the meeting and called her "my girl". At the end of 2000, when Durov became very ill, Leo had to work hard and touring to earn money for his family. At that moment, Oksana was close to him, and at first she was afraid to approach him, because he was a celestial for her. Radchenko with great ecstasy about him told his girlfriend, since they spent a lot of time together with the actor. From work Oksana soon had to refuse. She became more than an assistant for Durov, he called her my girl by the eyes.

In 2011, Durov was widowed, and then he began to go out with Oksana, holding hands, for which then many paid attention. Oksana began to visit him in an apartment in Frunzenskaya, she came to his dacha, and, of course, she took on a part of everyday life, although the aide's sister helped him most of all in the household.


Most likely, Lev Konstantinovich invited Radchenko to his assistant because of his age, he just needed attention and care, and Oksana was able to provide it. Friends said that they were bored together and even fun and interesting. What binds them, no one claims to take it, because they believe that it was their own business. Over time, many began to consider her a civil wife and wondered why they had not yet officially signed. He answered these questions by the fact that to marry in his years is only to make people laugh. Probably, he was still shy, because all the same the difference in age was huge - 41 years. And he, of course, was afraid of condemnation, and to build himself out of Don Juan was against his nature. In addition, Lev Konstantinovich was very much afraid of offending his only daughter Catherine, since he considered himself to be in her debt. He and his wife often went on tour, and her daughter was brought up in a boarding school. For this Durov himself strongly censured and therefore tried to please Katya and always helped her with money.

Oksana Radchenko: biography, photo

About Oksana Radchenko almost nothing is known. It is a pity that she was as if on a pin fastened to Lev Konstantinovich and spent on it his young years. When he fell ill, Oksana was near him a nurse, during a fatal heart attack, she was also nearby, called an ambulance, but then Durov was in intensive care, and she was not allowed to go to him. In the hospital near him was Katya's daughter. Some said that he never regained consciousness, but his daughter claims that he was able to say goodbye to her, and that he would like to tell Oksana, alas, no one will know, since Catherine does not want to talk about her.

After the death of Leo Durov, Oksana could not find a place, she walked like a living corpse, often lay and cried. Relieve the pain of loss helped movies with his participation. Now in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya works Ekaterina Durova, who does not want to listen to her. Oksana was almost immediately fired from the theater, and as if there were not those 12 years she spent with Durov. She does not give any interview about this. Oksana Radchenko and still did not find a new job and did not marry, she gave her youth to her beloved idol ...


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