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Alla Kostromycheva, biography. A short way to success

TV anchor and top model Alla Kostromycheva (Ukraine) is one of the most famous and popular not only in her homeland, but in the whole world.

Alla Kostromycheva, biography. How old was she at the beginning of her career?

Alla was born in 1986 in the city of Sevastopol in an ordinary Ukrainian family. And she studied in a simple general education school. Her appearance (thinness and harmony) and growth of 179 cm led her to the idea of learning more in the model school.

At the age of 17, she first demonstrated her external data in the homeland of Alla Kostromycheva. Her photos appeared in the "Girl of the Week" column in the local edition.

Being a freshman, Alla Kostromychev practically went to France (Paris), then to Italy (Milan), and even to China (Beijing) after almost every regular session.

However, she did not manage to fully integrate into the modeling business at that time. This is due to the fact that, firstly, the parents demanded that she receive a good education, secondly, she has non-standard facial features, trying to work with which, make-up artists were lost and did not know what to do.

And yet the future model Alla Kostromycheva tried very hard and tried to achieve it. Her biography shows success in this matter.

The beginning of a career, the first steps in business

Each top model has its own way to fame. It is believed that the more a young girl comes to the fashion industry, the more successful her career will be, the better things will be in business.

Most of the mannequins begin their ascent in 15-17 years. In this plan, Alla Kostromycheva gets out of the general statistics.

Her biography shows that the serious advancement of the model career of the girl began only at the age of 22 years. However, over the years she quickly achieved success, even managed to found her own agency (model).

Her career in this direction began, it is believed, at a fairly mature age. Alla herself deliberately came to this activity, understanding (not without the help of her parents) that the modeling business will not be able to support her for a long time.

She decided first of all to get education, graduated from the Faculty of Medical Electronics and Diagnostics of the Technical University in Sevastopol.

Kostromichevoy was very lucky. In 2007, she met and became friends with the art director of the famous fashion house Givenchy in the process of working on a collection of clothes haute couture. He taught her, gave many useful professional advice, shared specific subtleties and secrets of the work of these top models.

Thanks to him, she understood and realized how difficult and difficult, but interesting and quite promising in her own way.

Alla Kostromycheva: height, weight, external data

With an increase of 179 cm, its weight is only 54 kilograms (85/59/86).

Alla's stiff features and low, as if frowning brows, make her face look harsh and not very welcoming. Often smiling, she tried to hide her gloominess.

At first the model was not very in demand. And her figure is ideal, model. Not having achieved significant success at that time, Alla devoted herself to her studies, but occasionally continued to participate in fashion shows of European houses. As soon as she received her diploma, she went to Paris the next day.

Further successes, work with famous designers

Working with famous fashion houses abroad, a lot has learned Alla Kostromycheva. Her biography is filled with stellar moments showing the clothes of the most famous fashion designers. After the very Givenchy Alla worked in Yves Saint Laurent, then participated in the fashion show of Alexander McQueen. And already in 2008 was demonstrated at the Paris Week in Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen.

This was the beginning of her star career, because the model was noticed by renowned designers and became popular for large shows and numerous commercials.

According to and, it ranked among the top ten with the other most promising models of the year. And at home in 2009, the girl became the best model of Ukraine according to the readers of the magazine Elle.

Since 2009, the top model began to appear on the pages of world fashion magazines. There were more than ten of them.

Since 2010, every year she participates in the Gucci, Christian Dior, Armani, Prada, Lanvin and other fashion shows. In just one season, the model takes part in 50 shows. Record it is 86 shows a month.

Also, the Ukrainian model can be seen annually at the Mersedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days shows. A page catalog of the male brand DSquared2 was adorned with the perfect naked body of Alla Kostromycheva.

According to, in 2014 Alla Kostromycheva is in the top 50 models of the whole planet.

Opening own modeling agency

And at home, Alla works quite actively for advertising campaigns, as well as catalogs of fashion designers in Ukraine.

Alla Kostromycheva is successful, promising and hardworking. Her biography is replenished and her opening in Ukraine her agency KModels (model) in 2013. It is registered in New York.

In June 2014, the project "Supermodel in Ukrainian" was launched on TV of Ukraine. The leading talk show is model Alla Kostromycheva. In it, she gives novice models master classes, passes on to the girls professional experience, looks for talent.

Personal life

Alla Kostromycheva is successful in her work. Her biography will be incomplete without information about her personal life. Her chosen one is an American businessman named Jason with Italian roots.

They met in 2013 in New York, and since then, this couple in love together. There were separations during the filming of the Supermodel in Ukrainian. But this brought them even closer. The date of their wedding is still unknown.

Once upon a time, she was an ordinary, unremarkable, thin girl, and now, thanks to her strength of will and determination, she was a successful top model, the world-famous Alla Kostromycheva. Growth, weight of it correspond to model parameters. In its business today, it is very in demand.

In the interview, she recommends young girls who want to associate their lives with this type of activity, first of all, to get an education so that after the end of the modeling career, there was more than to feed themselves.

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