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Where are the save GTA 4

The third part of the legendary game series GTA made a real sensation among fans of video games. For several years of its active development, dozens of official additions and patches have been released, allowing to make all kinds of changes to the game, from the new transport to the complete reboot of the game world in a completely different concept that turns this action into a completely different genre. All these years the fans were looking forward to the new part of the game. After all, despite the perfection of GTA 3, it is rather obsolete in comparison with the outgoing games.

After years of waiting, the world finally saw the game GTA 4, which, according to many eminent critics, not only repeated the success of the third part, but also surpassed it. However, all have shortcomings, and the Achilles' heel of GTA 4 was its frank lack of experience. Of course, over time most of the blatant mistakes were corrected by the introduction of new patches, but some points are still in question. Also, very few people know where the GTA 4 stores are, but this type of file is incredibly useful. Sometimes due to some breakdown it is necessary to reinstall the computer system and format its hard drive. In order not to lose the progress of the game, you need to know where the GTA 4 saveings are being written to your computer. This may be necessary in order to copy them from this source to an external storage medium and continue playing on another PC.

Before answering the question, where are the storages of GTA 4, you need to specify which Windows version is installed on the computer. Hardly this is a difficult task, since any conscious user, in addition to the name of his OS, must know and many other facts concerning his PC. For each operating system, the process, codenamed "GTA 4: saving", will have different ways of creating the corresponding folders. And already in these folders will be located the search files for saving. Consider the options for saving with Windows XP and Vista. Newer systems have the same storage path as Windows Vista, and versions older than Windows XP are unlikely to be able to run GTA 4, and therefore, perform a save.

First, consider the save option for Windows XP, since it is as simple as possible and does not require additional explanations. All saveings from the game will be in the folder Rockstar Games (developer of the game), which in turn is located in a folder called Local. Local is the system folder of the user, and you can find it on the partition of the hard drive where the OS was installed. Although instead of long searches, which you need to perform with pre-configured parameters (the AppData folder is hidden, so you must first make it "visible"), you can immediately open the folder named "Rockstar Games" by entering the path from drive C to the address folder \ AppData \ Local \ Rockstar Games.

If you want to find out where the GTA 4 saved in Windows Vista, you should again resort to using the address bar, which is the fastest way to reach the desired folder. The way to search for saved files in Windows Vista looks like this:

From \ Documents and Settings \ user \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Rockstar Games. However, different installation services use different paths, so if you installed the game through the "XLive" installer, the save folder will be in the "XLive" folder, which in turn will be located in the "Microsoft" folder.

And when you know where the GTA 4 saves are, you just have to write them to a USB flash drive or DVD. After that, just move them to the newly created folder with the save, which will occur after the re-installation of the game. In the same way, all the backups can be transferred to another computer. After copying your save, you can continue your favorite game on any computer from the place where you last "saved" before leaving the world of GTA 4 last time.

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