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Artifacts in DotA: species and purpose

Any player who is familiar with multiplayer games knows what DotA is. Initially it was a small offshoot from Warcraft 3, so to speak, a kind of mod. Then it became so popular that it grew into a full-fledged application. At the moment this is one of the most popular games in the incentive, yes that there - all over the world! Every day the number of recruits is growing. All this people have certain difficulties in mastering certain gaming moments, and in particular when collecting and purchasing equipment. After all, artifacts in "DotE-2" - a fairly complex and thoughtful component of the gameplay. Today we will deal with their varieties and main purposes.

What are you using for?

Naturally, without the necessary items it is impossible to win the battle, and therefore, the match. Each item is intended to increase any indicator: strength, agility, intelligence, damage, or armor. Some artifacts make it possible to use them, giving a certain advantage in the battle, for example, temporary protection from magic. In general, all the heroes in "DotA-2" are divided into 3 large classes: tanks (the main attribute is strength), dodgers (well, everything is clear) and magicians (the basic indicator is intelligence). Proceeding from this, for each type it is advisable to buy items that increase the main parameter. Artifacts in "DotA" are collected mainly from several parts (from 2 to 5). It's clear that the more expensive an item is, the stronger the hero will be.


All artifacts in "DotA-2" are broken into certain types:

  • The first and cheapest is consumables . This includes all types of potions that fill mana and health, couriers, dust, gems, dastas and so on. In a word, everything that can be used up.
  • Increase of attributes . This includes cheap items that increase the intelligence, strength or armor. From such things in the future you can collect more effective and effective artifacts. In "DotE-2" you can not neglect such items, saving your money. At the initial stages of the game, they are an excellent means of survival and accumulation of experience. Information on how to collect artifacts in DotA-2, you can get directly to the store by simply clicking the left mouse button on the item of interest. In the lower left corner of the screen you will see a diagram of its creation, as well as information about what things are needed for this.
  • Primary armament . These items slightly increase the damage from normal attacks and increase armor (resistance to physical or magical damage).
  • Magic things . Such pieces can increase health regeneration and mana regeneration speed, increase attack speed, grant vampirism or evade the enemy's fist fists.
  • Basic artifacts for all the characters . They are formed, as a rule, with the help of several items from the previous sections, combining several indicators at once.
  • Things for support . Heroes who help the whole team are highly valued in the game "Dota-2". Artifacts for them, as a rule, are intended for the treatment of several characters nearby, the imposition of a common magic shield, massive restoration of mana and so on.
  • Aitems for casters - heroes, capable in a short period of time to reduce the health of the enemy to a minimum or simply destroy it. This includes various magical items, giving the ability to silence, swift magic stroke and rapid movement.
  • Rare weapons and armor . This is one of the most expensive and quality classes of artifacts in the game, giving the hero incredible strength and damage. Such items, as a rule, are purchased for leyte characters (who for superiority need the best things).
  • Exclusive items . Such artifacts in "DotE-2" give vampirism in normal attacks, reducing the enemy's armor, burning mana, the chance to cripple and slow down the enemy, and so on. To create some things you need a walk to a secret store, where you can buy the necessary components.

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