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First time in the first class - how to overcome difficulties

For every child, going to school is a great stress. Often the process of adaptation is delayed by several months. Therefore, for many parents, the situation when their child goes to the first class for the first time becomes a big problem. Especially difficult for those children who did not attend kindergarten. After all, to common difficulties they still have the inability to adapt to the team. Children react differently to the new situation and regime change, but it is difficult for everyone.

What are the first class difficulties that most often await children and their parents? Most kids go to school at seven, and, according to psychologists, this is a crisis time for children. The child at this time rethinks his relationship with others and self-affirms. He falls into a new collective, he needs to fulfill the requirements of the teacher. Along with psychological changes, another regime of the day and an increased load are waiting for him. Therefore, many children who went to the first class for the first time can become nervous, capricious and even aggressive. Increased fatigue, sleep disorders, decreased immunity and irritability are not all the difficulties that parents of first-graders face.

Giving the child to school, adults hope that he will study with pleasure, but often it turns out that children do not want to go to school, hardly wake up in the morning and reluctantly do their homework. How can we help the child to adapt in the first grade?

First of all, do not load the kid at once with additional exercises and circles, let him get used to the new regime. After all, after school you need to walk for at least an hour, eat lunch and have a rest on time. Support the immunity of the baby and put him to bed early in the night - this is very important for successful schooling.

You can not allow the first time in the first grade the child went completely without Training. Be sure not only teach him to read and write, but also prepare psychologically. He must understand why he goes to school, and be able to control himself. It is necessary to teach the child to listen carefully and correctly follow the instructions of the teacher, and also do some work for at least half an hour. The child will be easier to learn, if the solution of logical problems, games to imitate and solve puzzles will be familiar to him.

But if the child is ready for school, parents still experience it. They are worried about the question of what is needed in the first class of their baby? When buying clothes and stationery Pay attention not only to their beauty. The main thing is that they are comfortable for the child. After all, you will not be around to tie your shoelaces or fasten hooks, a beautiful pen can stop writing, and the pencil will constantly break down. All this creates additional problems, and because of these minor troubles the kid is even more nervous. Take care that he has everything for the lessons of labor and drawing, so that his teacher does not scold him. Do not forget to put a spare pen, pencil and rubber band, because they are constantly lost. And, of course, the clothes of your first-grader should be comfortable, so as not to distract him from his studies.

When a child goes for the first time in the first grade, it is difficult for the whole family. But you need to know what is most difficult for the child, so the duty of the parents is to support him at this time, to help and make the process of adaptation easy for him.

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