Simple pattern for sewing - the main sources of production

If you have a goal to fill up the wardrobe with new blouses, skirts and sarafans, while your sewing machine regularly scribbles, then it's easy to do. It is important that the thing is well seated, and a good simple pattern and accuracy ensures its planting. Of course, more courageous people or those who aspire to become a designer of clothes, choose the extreme option and create it themselves. But if this is not your task, and you just want to get an inexpensive new thing sewn with your own hands, then a simple pattern of dress, copied from a fashion magazine or other available sources, is quite suitable.

For example, since time immemorial, everyone who loves sewing, is known Burda Moden - a magazine where there are all necessary schemes and detailed descriptions of the process. Those who are engaged in this fascinating business constantly, already have a library of models copied from this edition. Of course, there are other fashion magazines on the market that publish simple patterns for every taste. But experience shows that their quality is not so high, therefore, the things tailored for them require at times a considerable fit in the figure.

In many specialized sewing shops, they sell themed or mixed computer disks. The choice of models in them is wide enough - from twenty to forty. Each of them is accompanied by a simple pattern, which makes it possible to create a masterpiece even for a beginner in the sewing business. If a narrow specialization does not interest you, then choose mixed topics, where everything is: blouses, trousers, summer sarafans, and winter suits. By the way, you do not need to buy a disc. You can order a printout of the selected model. A simple pattern in a computer program can be automatically changed according to the specified parameters. In it may appear at your request allowances for seams, or be reflected layout on the fabric, which can be changed by viewing several textures of the material. This will help not make a mistake in the choice.

For a small fee, it is possible to get a password for downloading great models on sewing sites. If you need a very simple pattern, then you can get it for free, along with descriptions for e-mail.

So, for about a hundred rubles you can buy patterns on the site of Burda Moden, though it's not very convenient. After all, they all have descriptions in German, so it's difficult to work with them without an interpreter .

Therefore, it is better to choose another wonderful resource, where there are very interesting proposals in the set of materials presented for sewing enthusiasts. The portal is called "Osinka", it is known to many.

There are also purely professional sites, on the pages of which simple ones are not published, but very precise patterns are developed on individual sizes. But their inconvenience lies in the fact that very detailed systems of circuit construction are used here. For them, you need to shoot a lot of measurements. It is clear that it is impossible to make precise measurements of your figure on your own, therefore, it is difficult to build a simple pattern for yourself on this system, even if there is some experience in this matter.

All the above sources of obtaining patterns are far from exhaustive. If you start sewing, then soon you will develop your own preferences.

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