To whom and for what purpose is it recommended to wear compression pantyhose?

Who should wear compression tights for what purpose? Judge for yourself. Every day our feet sustain a load much greater than we realize. Imagine that they have to maintain the weight of our whole body, which is in an upright position. This leads to an increase in intravascular pressure.

Gradually (with age, under the influence of harmful environmental factors, due to malnutrition), the walls of the vessels lose their elasticity and stretch. This is what causes varicose veins. In some areas, veins are formed. Preventive measures are applied at the initial stage of varicose veins . Later the disease progresses and the veins begin to show through the skin. All this is accompanied by puffiness and pain.

Now, with varicose veins, doctors recommend using compression knitwear. It creates a supporting framework that protects the veins from further stretching, and contributes to an increase in blood outflow.

Compression tights should be worn to treat or prevent the expansion of veins (varicose veins). Such products are hosiery products with a pronounced therapeutic effect, while their use has virtually no contraindications.

Compression tights are comfortable, quite resistant to mechanical impact, with an elastic toe, designed for a foot of any size, have a tight heel.

There are several classes of compression. Prophylactic tights have a compression ratio of 1 (up to 18 mmHg), they can be bought at any store; Therapeutic - up to 4 (20-40 mmHg), they are sold only to medical institutions.

Such products are produced in two basic colors: black and beige. The upper elastic band in them is soft and stretching, not squeezing the organs of the abdominal cavity. This is important, since compression pantyhose should be worn constantly. If you stand for a long time, sit, carry weights, go in for sports, drive a car, then this is an important plus, since you are not shy of movement.

Uniform compression of the foot provides a therapeutic effect. Below it is more tangible, in the upper part - weaken. Such a system creates excellent conditions for proper circulation of blood. This is what allows you to reduce swelling, weaken the manifestations of varicose veins and reduce the risk of blood clots.

Compression pantyhose should be worn in the morning, without getting out of bed. In the prone position it is recommended to raise the legs and gently put on the knitwear, since only in this position the vessels remain close to the ideal shape.

Compression pantyhose reviews cause different, but mostly positive. The benefit of their application outweighs the inconvenience of wearing. Such tights promote improvement of outflow of lymph from the lower extremities, improve microcirculation, slow down the development of varicose veins, are a means of preventing thrombosis of veins and possible complications with such a disease.

With proper care, the compression properties are preserved up to 10-12 months.

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