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Doll Invizi Billy: description and features

Invisie Billy is a second-rate character in the animated serial about the "Monster School." Among the fans of the world "Monster High" is not only children, but also adult collectors. Yes, and the goods of the toy manufacturer "Mattel", with the light hand of which cartoons are created, are intended not only for children's games. In addition to dolls, there are also small-circulation unique toys, the place of which is in private collections of connoisseurs.

Doll Invizi Billy meets the interests of both categories of consumers. Quality, similarity with the cartoon prototype and the mobility of parts of the body make Billy the coveted toy of any small fan of the Monster School. Well, adult connoisseurs try to get it because of the relative rarity - to date, only one release of this doll has been released.

The Legend of the Invisible

Where could the son of the Invisible Man be educated? Of course, where Invizi Billy is trained. "Monster High" is a school designed specifically for people like him.

Billy gets angry when he is considered a ghost. He's not a ghost at all! Even his name speaks for itself, because it is in tune with the English word Invisible, which translates as "invisible". And no matter how Billy tried, he will not be able to visualize completely: some part will still remain invisible to the eye.

Creating a doll series "Skarmestre", the manufacturer stressed this feature. That's why Billy's legs are translucent. It is worth noting that this is a great progress, because the first release of Billy was completely different.

Invisible box

In 2012, the company "Mattel" announced the release of a new character - Invizi Billy. The fans froze in anticipation, collectors pricked up, preparing to replenish the novelty of the windows of their home museums. And at the next festival Comic Con the world was shown the first release of Billy.

It turned out very similar to the cartoon character. That's just no one noticed, which is not surprising, because the box is empty. True, and "Mattel", and the army of numerous fans looks at it differently. They claim that the box is not empty, there is an invisible doll in it. The manufacturer's joke proved to be very successful. Boxes with the "invisible doll", issued in small print, were instantly sold at private collections. At the same time the price was several times greater than the cost of cardboard, but even the price of most dolls "Monster High." This example of genius marketing has gone down in the history of the production of toys forever.


Doll Invizi Billy still came out. She is a member of the series "Skarmestre" (or "Scary Semester"). Billy has black hair with blue strands, trimmed asymmetrically. He is dressed in denim breeches, a dark striped hoodie and a blue hat. On the wrist of Billy, a pair of silver bracelets. Low moccasins and short trousers leave his shins open, so you can immediately see the translucent legs of the doll.

The character was very expressive and interesting. The wave of enthusiasm caused by its release, just started to subside, and the producer already gives vague hints to the next release. What will be the new version of the Invisible Billy? We will learn about this in the near future.

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