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How to disaccustom a child to eat at night? Effective ways

Scientists have been conducting research on the correct development of the child, upbringing and feeding for several years. They are looking for the most comfortable and natural ways. In the first months of life, small crumbs do not have very large needs and particularities in nursing. All that is needed is proper hygiene, full-fledged feeding, love and affection. Over time, in addition to the simple need to get enough, the child has a habit of frequent contact with the breast. For him, it becomes a way of appeasement. Any discomfort - and the child begins to search for his lips with his chest. The baby gets warm at mom's hands, it's comfortable when he hears Mom's heart beat. This is the sound that the baby has been accustomed to for nine months while in the womb.

Active phases and nutrition of babies

The crumbs restlessly sleep at night, often wake up. The phases of activity and sleep in the early stages of life are short. Often night feeding is used to put the child to sleep again. After six months, the sleep phase begins to equalize. The child rarely wakes up at night. No need for night feeding. But recently cases of hyperactivity of children have become more frequent. Six-hour night breaks are not maintained.

After six months, pediatricians recommend reducing the amount of application to the chest. In the diet of the child for full development is introduced lure (juices, mashed potatoes, porridges). Night feeding overloads the baby's body. They propose to refuse him, and the mothers ask themselves how to wean the child to eat at night.

Desire to calm down

Here the main thing is to understand the reason why your baby crumbs at night. Now we will consider the main. If the baby is not hungry, but just wants to calm down, then there are several methods how to wean the child to suckle at night. You have to try to put your child to sleep in various ways. Walking in the fresh air is one of the methods, although, probably, a few moms will be happy at night walks. A more suitable method is to puff, stroke, sing songs. You need to put the baby next to you so that he can feel your warmth, smell and hear your heartbeat. Ask to help your father. Let it be like a child, shake, tell a fairy tale. The main task is to teach the baby to calm down and fall asleep without breast sucking.


Does your baby wake up at night, suck in milk and fall asleep again? How to wean the baby from the breast at night? It is necessary to increase the amount of daytime feeding. It is necessary that during the day the baby is fully saturated. Well feed the baby before going to bed. Let the dinner take longer. A well-fed babe will not want to ask for supplements at night. It happens that the baby wakes up after midnight from hunger, while it eats well. There are several ways how to wean a child from feeding at night:

  • Before you go to bed, wake the baby and feed. Suck the chest baby can and sleepy. Then he will not wake from hunger at night.
  • Transfer the lure to the evening time. Feed the child porridge, give kefir or water with a mixture of milk.
  • If you fed the baby well during the day, but the habit of waking up and eating at night remains, then during a late meal try to give milk diluted with water in a proportion of 1: 3. Gradually, you can replace feeding with water. This will help avoid overeating.

All these tips are suitable for babies who are naturally breastfed.

Artificial feeding of a child. We'll take the baby out of the night

Children on artificial feeding receive nutritious milk from a bottle. How to deal with these babies? Artificial mothers often wonder about how to wean the child off the bottle at night. Trying to force a baby to part with a bottle is a very difficult task. Children with tears beg for their favorite vial. Sucking from the horn, as well as from the chest, gives the child pleasure, satisfies the feeling of hunger, helps to calm down and fall asleep.

Use for feeding at night, not a bottle, but a drink. In form it looks like a favorite bubble, but, in fact, it's a mug. You have to drink from her sitting. The baby will lose the association with sucking, as well as the sensations that it caused. If the baby does not feel hungry at night, then soon he will refuse to eat at this time of day. Feed the baby more nourishing before bedtime. It can be porridge or yogurt.

A glass of milk at night

You see that your child grows, sleeps well and eats almost independently. But many children have a habit of waking up at night and drinking a glass of milk after a year. The problem is that the cow is not at all useful to children under three years old. It can cause calcium deficiency in the growing body and trigger an increase in nervous excitability. How to disaccustom a child to drink milk at night? Try to offer the baby water.

If a child drinks it, it means that he is thirsty. If he refuses, then this is already a bad habit. Begin to dilute the milk gradually with water until you completely switch to the latter. There is also a radical method - to distract the child and switch his attention. Try to calm and lull the crumbs, giving nothing.

The child is over a year old. How to wean from feeding at night?

If you are not puzzled by the problems of night feeding for a year, then by the age of one and a half years this problem will already have to be combated. Eating at night can develop into a persistent bad habit. You start looking for a solution to the problem and think about how to wean your child at night. It is already useless to understand the reasons. It is necessary to solve the problem. But in addition to the fact that some children are used to eating at night, their preferences begin to appear. Let us examine some of them:

  • How to wean a child to eat sweets at night? Give a more useful replacement (dried fruits, candied fruits, marmalade on pectin without sugar coating). Persuade to put the candy in a cache and eat it in the morning. Play the children's charity. Suggest to give candy to my grandfather, grandmother or other loved one.

  • How to wean a child to eat buns, cookies, waffles at night? Cook delicious and healthy breakfasts. For example, it can be banana pancakes, fruit muffins and milk and berry cocktails. Let it get used, that desserts can be eaten in the morning. Do not take everything at once, but act gradually. More often say: "We do not eat it" or "In our family do not eat cream cakes, because they are terribly sweet." Let the little person get used to the fact that your family has a way of life.

Tips from Spock

Children's pediatrician Benjamin Spock wrote that the baby can be weaned from anything in three days. The essence of the problem is not so important. The main thing is that the parents had strong nerves. How to disaccustom a child to eat at night? Three days stand the cry hard, but the result will be a full sleep. Also, the power mode will be restored.

The main thing is not to approach the child and not try to persuade. Only a polite and categorical refusal. Do not explain that it is harmful. Anyway, a child at this age will not understand your explanations. You can even harm them. For example, if you start frightening your child with terrible fairy tales about fat children, this will only help create a bunch of complexes. Do not forget that the child's psyche is vulnerable.

All parents want that they have smart and obedient children. And besides the question of how to wean, you should no less care how to accustom yourself. We must teach your child to obey you. Often such a moment is missed. But this is the foundation of education.
The technique that will help you form a child's habit of listening to you is simple. It is necessary to begin with elementary things and gradually to pass to more difficult and difficult. The way from simple to complex is easier.

The basis of education is laid from two to twelve years. A 12-year-old child should already be educated, obedient to your assistant and friend. After this age, your work should already be directed to self-development and perfection of a small personality. Before the child opens a big way of life. You are for him a conductor. Your care, attention and great patience will help to grow a person.


Now you know how to wean the baby from feeding at night. We hope that our recommendations will help you and you will be able to cope with this problem. Good luck!

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