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When to take Zodak (drops): instruction for children and adults suffering from allergies and rhinitis

Six months ago, the pediatrician always wrote out preparations "Fenistil", "Suprastin" during colds or before vaccinations. Now you hear more and more often about medications "Cetirizine" or "Zodak" (drops). Instruction for children and adults in some cases gives different recommendations. Let us consider them in more detail.

The preparation is a clear or light yellow solution in a dark vial and carton. These drops are prescribed when a child or an adult:

  • Permanent or seasonal conjunctivitis;
  • Allergic rhinitis;
  • Skin allergic rashes;
  • Hay fever ;
  • Angioedema;
  • hives.

Dosage for children and adults

The drug "Zodak" (drops) instruction for children and adults requires before dilution to dilute in a small amount of water, for example, in a tablespoon. Children should be given a sweet compote or tea later.

Twice a day should be applied:

  • Five drops for children from one to six years;
  • For ten drops of preschoolers and junior schoolchildren (six to twelve years).

Once, best in the evening, no more than twenty drops are taken:

  • Children of twelve years;
  • Adults.

These data are written in the instructions, however the number of drops is prescribed by the doctor, which takes into account the individual characteristics of the patient and the severity of the disease.

Do not give medicines to children under one year old, pregnant and nursing mothers. Without a doctor, do not take people with chronic kidney failure and the elderly. This is due to the fact that cetirizine in this category of people is not displayed after five to ten hours, and after fifteen to thirty hours.

The drug "Zodak" (drops): the instruction. For children and adults with kidney disease, liver disease

If a person has renal insufficiency, then the intake of droplets decreases twofold. For example, one-year-old kids and children under six years of two and a half drops, schoolchildren to twelve years, five drops and adolescents and adults - no more than ten drops. With liver disease, you can not consume more than ten drops per day. Elderly people with healthy kidney can leave the recommended dose in the instructions (twenty drops). However, we draw your attention to the fact that the number of days for taking this medication is prescribed by the doctor.

It is stored in the refrigerator for about three years, the drug "Zodak" (drops for children). The price of the drug is not more than two hundred rubles. So this is the most economical medicine. In addition, these drops can be given to people with diabetes, since they do not contain sugar. But during the treatment you can not use alcohol, theophylline and medications that depress the central nervous system.

The drug Zodak (drops for children): an instruction on the behavior of adults in case of an overdose

With an independent treatment or ignoring the appointment of a doctor, an overdose is possible. Characteristic symptoms (severe headaches, weakness in the body, tachycardia, fatigue, irritability, drowsiness, urinary retention, inhibition) may occur with the consumption of fifty milligrams (about a hundred drops) on the day of admission. In this case, call an ambulance. Specialists will wash the stomach and prescribe treatment with activated charcoal. Do not leave the product in the public domain if there are children in the house.

Thus, without the appointment of a doctor, do not buy antiallergic drug Zodak (drops) in pharmacies. Instruction for children and adults describes a number of side effects from the digestive system, the nervous system. There may be allergic individual reactions.

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