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What is included in the work plan with parents in the older group?

Beginners caregivers can not yet determine how to work with their parents, and some moms and dads do not even know about the purposeful work with them. Before planning, teachers take into account the characteristics of the age of pupils, problems in the educational process and family, conflict and emergency situations, the requirements of the Ministry of Education. Let us consider in more detail what is included in the plan for working with parents in the senior group.

Discussion of issues related to the education and development of children

The senior group is visited by children of five to six years. There is no crisis or any conflicts in mental development at this age. Five-year-old preschoolers are curious, like to explore and experiment, reaching out to all creative and scientific fields. Therefore, the plan for working with parents of preschool children includes consultations, seminars, circles on developing the abilities and talents of their children.

For busy parents open circles in the most educational institution: dancing, plastic, theater, music, English, computer lessons, etc. Their diversity is discussed at the parents' meeting, where parents submit applications to educators. Then the manager looks for specialists, learns their value and brings them to the attention of their parents. And only in case of grouping this group opens. As you can see, in this case the minimum payment is required from the parents - payment for the groups. At least one lesson (about thirty to forty minutes) will cost 300-600 rubles, all depends on the pricing of the DOW.

Plan for working with parents who wish to participate in the life of the child

Ideal work with moms and dads includes various forms of work: consultations, talks, seminars, preparation and participation in holidays, competitions, regional olympiads, recreational trips (circus, theater, excursions). Educators inform moms and dads about different games and developing toys, about didactic material, about tasks for the development of intelligence and logic. In some kindergartens, joint trips of parents and children to other cities and even countries are planned. It can be and participation in competitions of talents, and usual sightseeing tours.

Not only teachers, but also psychologists, speech therapists, musical worker, methodologist, gymnastics teacher, nurse, choreographer and others work with mothers and fathers. Parents are helped to solve family difficulties, for example, when the child is stubborn and capricious. In this case, films with open lessons or role plays are shown where the psychologist helps parents understand their child. Educators clearly show how to develop creativity in children in hand-made fakes.

An approximate plan for working with parents in the senior group on a quarterly basis

In autumn all the children meet in the group, some of them went to kindergarten in the summer, others rested in camps or on the seas. Therefore, children with parents create an exhibition on the theme of summer vacations with photographs and brief explanations. During this period, preparations are being made for the autumn holidays, for Mother's Day, a teacher, and knowledge.

In autumn, it is time to catarrhal diseases, so there are talks about tempering and preventive measures, about the clothes of children, about home hygiene. Some old kindergartens are asked to prepare the group for the winter: washing and sealing windows. General meetings are held where parents are informed about the achievements of the DOW, about new tasks and plans.

In winter, the plan for working with parents in the older group includes preparing for your favorite holidays: New Year, Christmas, Epiphany, February 23. Children with parents prepare a performance, sew costumes, learn poems and songs, create thematic corners, prepare gifts, decorate the group and the whole institution. But at the same time, do not forget to hold talks with parents about the rules of the road, about healthy nutrition, in particular about vitamins in the winter.

Spring is preparing for March 8, April 1, subbotnik, Labor Day, May 9. Parents and children make fakes, participate in holidays, bring refreshments that are speckled themselves, learn songs and poems, remove the group and the territory of the kindergarten. During this period, a conversation is held about precautions on rest (ticks, insect bites, fires), the nurse informs about the fight against beriberi.

In the summer, the plan for working with parents in the senior group includes only introductory conversations about the rules of behavior at the child-parent rest during bathing, sunbathing. Parents are informed about cognitive activities and give homework for the summer on the development of children. There are no major festivities, as the DOW is visited by few children and all groups are united in one or two.

Thus, the goal of pedagogical work with parents is to ensure that moms and dads are actively involved in the life of the child and the entire kindergarten. Each work plan has its own work plan, but parental wishes can correct its content.

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