How to pass passport control at the airport

To protect passengers from adverse events during air travel, security control is carried out at all airports, including not only document verification, but also other procedures. Taking into account that they take a lot of time, you should arrive at the airport in advance. The best option is 2-4 hours before sending international flights, and at least 1.5 hours for domestic flights.

Those who fly away from the state pass passport control at the airport. Keep in mind that with the simultaneous departure of several flights, a huge queue is formed in front of the control tower, and even if you still have a lot of time before departure, those who do not have any left can ask at the beginning.

General information

Many are interested in what exactly is checked when passing passport control at the airport. First of all, the employee must be convinced of the legality of departure outside of Russia. A person who has large debt obligations to banking institutions or the state, to go abroad has no right.

The same rule applies to persons who have serious problems with the law. The ban on leaving is imposed on citizens with a criminal record, as well as with unclosed enforcement proceedings.

The subtleties of passport control

Travelers without experience are afraid to pass passport control at the airport, which is checked in the process - also do not know. The rules for passing passport control apply to all without exception:

  • You can not come close to the post. Before the red line it is necessary to stop, this line means the Russian border. The person who violated it can be punished.
  • Many tourists are very confused by the gaze of the passport control officer, do not worry and look away, as the border guard checks his face in front of him with a photograph in his passport.

  • When checking documents, airport employees can not only check the documentation, but also ask different questions. Answer must be clearly and carefully, jokes and irony in this case are inappropriate and can turn into trouble.
  • If the passenger does not understand the question of the border guard assigned in a foreign language, for example, during the check on arrival, it is necessary to say about it, in no case to answer "as it seems", as this can lead to problems, such as refusal Entrance to the state.
  • Keep in mind that even if the tourist has all the necessary documents and visas on hand, the passport control workers at the entrance have the full right not to let a person into the country if there are good reasons for this. For example, it may be a suspicion that the real reason for the arrival is to stay in the country and get a job on a tourist visa.

But do not worry too much, because in most countries the inspection of documents at the entrance and exit is a routine control procedure.

How to pass passport control at the airport

Those who first go on an international journey, it is worthwhile to know that there are several types of control that can be arranged in different orders, but, one way or another, they will have to pass.

customs inspection

Passengers notice the process of customs control is rather rare, because as such inspection may not take place. All those who have nothing to declare, just go to the "green corridor." Those who need to issue some things go to the "red corridor". In the "green corridor" travelers instead of inspection simply pass by the airport employees and through a special framework. Customs control can be carried out both at departure and on arrival. On its own initiative, the security officer can check any passenger. At Russian airports, this happens rather rarely, usually checking tourists arriving from trading countries, such as China. After passing the customs check, you can pass passport control at Sheremetyevo airport or any other.

Passport control before departure

Travelers departing an international flight, pass not only the usual control, but also the passport one. This order is valid only for passengers who travel outside the state. However, not all tourists know how to pass passport control at the airport, and even more unfamiliar with the process.

Procedure for conducting passport control

The passenger must perform the following actions:

  • In the order of the queue, travelers come to a special window, where airport employees check his documents.
  • The passenger must present the original of the foreign passport, and also at the request of the document control officer or the border guard service it is necessary to show the boarding pass.
  • If there are no questions on the documents and everything is in order, a seal stating that the person passed passport control without violations is put. This means that he has the right to cross the state border, since no problems have been identified.

Passport control at the airport of each country is conducted according to the own rules of the acting border services, but in any case, the passenger's document must have a stamp on the passage of all registration steps for the flight.

Flight traveling with children

For inexperienced tourists traveling with children, whose age is less than 14 years, the flight is a very awesome exercise. However, passport control at the airport for such passengers is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. For tourists who travel abroad with children, it is necessary to have the following documents with you:

  • The foreign passport of the kid, made on the established sample.
  • The international passport of the parent with a mark and a photograph of the child.
  • The original of the birth certificate of the baby.

A child who is already 14 years old, passport control at the airport passes independently. When sending from a state with one parent, it is necessary to prepare a notarized authorization for the child to leave the second parent. This document is needed only for international travel, no document is required for domestic flights.

Security Control

Another kind of control that is not loved by many passengers is security control. This process involves removing women's outer clothing and heels, taking out laptops, taking bottles with water and raising their hands.

At most airports there is only one safety control - preflight. In Russia, for example, the first check is even at the entrance to the airport building, it is not so thorough, but also important.

On pre-flight safety control, plastic boxes are offered, in which metal objects, machinery, liquids, etc. should be folded. If the airport has modern inspection frames, then it will be necessary to remove the shoes. In terminals equipped with advanced technical equipment, there are installations that allow to recognize the contents of bottles, so that it is possible to transport water, juice and soda, rather than throw them away when viewed. Basically, when controlling security, you have to part with the following things:

  • With bottles of more than 100 ml;
  • With matches;
  • With lighters;
  • With large and small scissors;
  • With corkscrews.

If you find in the bag things such as hair clips, jars, souvenirs, etc., they will simply be examined and returned to the passenger.

Do not be afraid of screening procedures, they are necessary for your own safety. Come to the airport in advance and enjoy the next flight! Have a nice rest!

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