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With how many years alcohol is sold. From what age is it permitted to sell alcohol in Russia

The tendency of activization of such a problem of modern society, as alcoholism, is obvious. Almost every third resident of Russia independently identifies this phenomenon as a problem that prevents him from living. It's not encouraging that not everyone in the country is concerned with the question of how many years alcohol is sold.

In addition to school sections, it is necessary to organize out-of-school clubs for hobbies, sports clubs, other educational and training units, where children, in addition to not being left to their own devices, will also receive the practical skills of this or that craft, they will be in great physical form, Morally healthy. Having been brought up from childhood in such traditions, having an illustrative example both at home and at school and in the street, the child will have a clearly formulated norm of behavior that should be guided by life.

When he grows up and creates his family, in the same spirit he will educate his children, because in adulthood people very rarely change their principles, and the model of behavior is usually copied from their family. And then you can not worry about the health and well-being of the nation.

If earlier the factors responsible for the abuse of alcohol products were natural Character, then as the social structure of society becomes more complicated, the abuse of alcohol increasingly has personal characteristics, individually and attitude towards alcoholic beverages. But this is not scary. It is frightening that the child's face appears in alcoholism, today teenagers aged 15, 14, 12 become patients of narcological clinics. The problem is that not all parents are concerned with the question of how many years they sell alcohol.

Age that allows you to buy alcohol

The trend is so serious that it's time to think about it. A reasonable question arises: "For how many years have alcohol been sold to children?". According to the legislation of the Russian state, the official distribution and sale of alcohol-containing beverages, beer, tobacco products are allowed from the moment of majority, and it comes from the age of eighteen.

However, the Duma has supported a bill that increases the minimum age for the sale of products containing alcohol from eighteen years to twenty-one years. Therefore, answering the question about how many years you can buy alcohol, you need to take into account and local legislation. The same applies to the time of sale of alcoholic beverages.

Children from disadvantaged families

Of course, most of the guys with these problems are classified as disadvantaged. In their families, in most cases, alcohol is either abused by one of the parents or both. And they absolutely do not care, how many years they sell alcohol. Children try spirits first out of curiosity, as they are left to themselves, but very quickly the prank turns out first into affection, then into need, and finally goes into the chronic form of the disease. Given the immaturity of the adolescent nervous system, degradation is extremely active, after six months, the clinical condition can be diagnosed.

Who is guilty

However, quite often teenagers from ordinary well-off families begin to indulge in alcohol for self-assertion. Of course, in a company where almost everyone drinks alcohol, it is problematic to remain a black sheep. Firstly, they do not understand, and secondly, they conclude.

Where do teenagers purchase alcoholic beverages when the sale of alcohol has strict age limits? Yes, in conventional kiosks and trays, where no video surveillance cameras are installed. Of course, every seller knows the age at which alcohol is sold, but many deliberately commit offenses in order to increase the sale of spirits. Well, the law can and do not pay attention, especially when it comes to business on a very large scale. Do not be confused by grief-sellers and criminal liability, to which they can be brought for selling alcoholic beverages to minors.

Are the alcohol realists always to blame?

However, blaming some sellers would not be entirely correct. Such cases are not uncommon: after receiving a turn from the gate, adolescents turn to their older comrades for help. Friends for a certain fee buy them what they need. There is a glaring fact - beer has long been a national drink of Russia's youth. And then, with how many years you can buy alcohol, few people care.

Methods of fighting alcoholism

Undoubtedly, regularly conducted raids of retail outlets that sell alcoholic drinks, give a definite result, but it is necessary to look at the root of the problem, that is, to conduct explanatory work on the subject of how many years alcohol is sold, whether it should be consumed at an early age.

Culture of family upbringing and not only

First of all, the responsibility for carrying out preventive measures aimed at preventing the occurrence of child alcoholism lies with the parents. It is the lack of support from the family that in most cases becomes the determining factor prompting the child to take a glass in his hands. Every sane person should clearly imagine what a swig of beer or a glass of vodka can be in the future, being drunk by a child. That is why, in addition to raising the level of family upbringing and the culture of drinking alcohol-containing beverages, it is necessary that every adult feels his own measure of responsibility for the younger generation. And I thought about the question of how much alcohol is sold.

Than to involve the teenager

Idleness is of great importance. Adolescents who regularly visit mugs, sections that go in for sports, do not have free time for idle vacations in the doorways with a bottle of beer. Particularly disciplined by an illustrative example of coaches, older comrades with whom the guys attend classes, and they do not care, the sale of alcohol for how many years is conducted. These teenagers have a goal for which they are ready to roll mountains.


You can discuss a lot about the age at which alcohol is allowed to be sold, from 18 or 21, who is to blame for the fact that alcoholism is getting younger, that's just not enough of that. It is necessary to act, and do it immediately.

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