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In a dream to see a louse - to what?

Lice are very unpleasant for any human insects, and their appearance is often associated in the minds of people with low levels of hygiene and financial ill-being. And what if these creatures dreamed of us? Will the consequences of such a dream be as unpleasant, or is it worth hoping for something good? We propose to find out how the most complete and well-known sources interpret such a dream.

Miller's dream: to see a louse in the dream - to what?

According to the information from this book, the lice seen in a dream promise a lot of sorrows and troubles, which can often be related to the state of health. If you dream this insect on a cow, goat, dog or other domestic animals, then this vision is seen as a forerunner of financial problems. A louse on the body of a dreamer warns him about possible misconduct about close people. If you managed to catch this unpleasant insect, then you are too concerned about your health, than cause only irritation with relatives and friends.

The modern dream book: to see lice in a dream

The appearance in the dream of these small insects, in the opinion of the compilers of this collection, foreshadows the emergence of problems associated with ill health or active attacks by enemies and ill-wishers. To dream a louse on a domestic animal - to vain anxiety about the health of the dreamer or a person close to him. Such an insect on its own body - to the need to monitor each of its actions, so as not to offend an old acquaintance inadvertently.

Dream of Aesop: in a dream to see a louse - what for?

This collection of interpretations of dreams treats lice as a symbol of poverty, uncleanliness and vain labor. So, if you dream that you are trying to kill these insects with your hands, then your expectations are unlikely to be justified, and the efforts made will be meaningless. Talking same lice predict some amazing event or receiving unexpected news. In a dream, you see a louse that bites you constantly and gives you no peace - to the unexpected receipt of money, material assistance. If you dream that you are trying to find a way to get rid of these unpleasant insects, then in real life you will finally be able to solve a problem that has long haunted you. A louse laying eggs promises a very laborious and responsible job, which will require a dreamer's perseverance and patience. Bouncing lice are seen as a forerunner of some news that breaks the habitual way of your life.

A dream book from A to Z: why in a dream do you see a louse?

According to the compilers of this dream book, a lot of lice promise the acquisition of wealth and well-being, and a louse in a single copy foretells troubles and sorrows. Dream eggs of these insects are seen as a symbol of numerous small anxieties. Lice on their own clothes - to illness, on the body of an animal - to poverty. If you have noticed these insects on another person, then in the near future you will be successful in business and promising acquaintances.

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