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Dmitry Kombarov. Biography of one of the brothers

Dmitry Vladimirovich Kombarov - footballer of Moscow "Spartak" and the Russian national team. The positions on which the sportsman plays are defense and midfield.

Biography of Dmitry Kombarov

A football player has appeared in Moscow. The date of his birth is January 22, 1987. Dmitry has a brother, Cyril, who is also a player. Since their early childhood, they have shown an interest in sports. When the boys were three years old, his father took them to gym classes. After 12 months, Dmitry Kombarov began to engage in football.

Father furiously supported Spartak, so there were no questions about which football academy to enter. In addition, he was familiar with the management and the coach. In the period from nine to eleven years in parallel with football Dmitry was keen on kickboxing. At fourteen years Kombarov had to leave the capital's team. The reason for leaving is a dispute with the coach, who believed that they do not have a football future. The brothers continued to be trained under the direction of Dynamo. The first games were held in 2004 for a duplicate team.

Carier start

The first appearance of Kombarova on the field in the starting lineup happened in 2005 in the cup game. In 2010, the brothers were offered a contract with the Moscow "Spartak". Soon there was a transfer. The total price of the transfer was equal to ten million dollars. The circumstances of the transfer of the brothers indicated the possibility of career growth. Plus in that season, "Spartacus" took part in the Champions League.

The president of Dynamo later said that Dmitry Kombarov and his brother would most likely remain in the team with a salary increase. However, the management did not accept the proposed conditions.


Photo Dmitry Kombarova and his brother, who moved to the camp of the "red-white", instantly spread among the fans. The transfer was accepted ambiguously in the circle of fans of Dynamo and Spartak. The debut game in the new team, Dmitry spent against the "Tom". Club from Moscow confidently won. The mentor of "Spartacus" at the time was Valery Karpin, who highly appreciated the performance of Kombarova.

Soon Dmitry Kombarov took part in the Champions League. The game took place against the French "Marcel". The match managed to score only one goal from the transfer of Dmitry. The starting ball in the "red-white" Kombarov played in the game against the St. Petersburg "Zenith". The ball was realized from the penalty spot and was victorious during that meeting. Account football in the le football opened in a match with "Basel" from Switzerland.

During the whole season Dmitri appeared on the spot of the central midfielder, but before that he was constantly performing on the left flank. This decision of the coach surprised many fans of the team. Nevertheless, Karpin positively assessed the game of the player and used his opportunities afterwards.

First of all, Dmitry Kombarov is valuable for his versatility. He can perfectly perform both in the center and on the flank. Particularly successful for him is the position on the left. With it, he can easily make an accurate transfer deep into the opponent's defense.

Career in the Russian team

The first challenge to the second team Dmitry was in 2011. In early 2012, proposals were received from the main Russian team. Debut Kombarov was soon in a friendly match against Denmark.

Together with the team Kambarov took part in Euro 2012, but he could not enter the game in any match. The first goal for the national team scored from the penalty spot in the game with Armenia. The match was held in early March 2014. At the World Cup in Brazil Kombarov came on the field in three matches.

Personal life

In the fall of 2011, Kombarov married. In 2012, the couple had a daughter, who was named Ulyana.

The twin brothers have an excellent relationship. Before they do something, they consult each other and constantly communicate. During the studies, the brothers contrived to take exams for each other. However in the childhood nevertheless there were often skirmishes between children.

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