Pobeda airline: luggage and hand luggage. Shipping rules, weight

Our compatriots, who often travel abroad, are well-known European low-costers, specializing in cheap air transportation. Thanks to these companies from one country to another you can fly by buying tickets for just a few dozen euros. Russians have long dreamed of the emergence of such a domestic loukoster, which would simplify travel in our vast country. It is known that the flight between Russian cities can sometimes cost much more than traveling to another country. Several years ago, the airline "Victory" appeared on the air transportation market. Tickets for her flights were significantly lower than those of other known carriers. Every year the popularity of the company increases, which positively affects the dynamics of growth in passenger turnover. Today we will tell you about the rules of baggage transportation from Pobeda airline, which usually cause a lot of questions from Russian travelers.

New lowcaster: a few words about the company

The first attempt to create a budget airline, which would help residents of our country to travel inexpensively for its expanses, was the air carrier "Dobrolet". He managed to work for several years, winning the trust of Russians literally after the first months of his existence. However, three years ago, "Dobrolet" was forced to stop its activities because of the problems that arose with the maintenance of its aircraft in Europe. In place of the first loukoster came the airline "Victory", tickets for flights which quickly compiled a lot of competition for Russian and foreign companies.

Our compatriots easily entrusted their lives to a new low-coster, since it is a subsidiary of Aeroflot. And in our country this is a certain guarantor of quality. Already after one year of operation, the Pobeda airline, whose rules of luggage transportation we will consider in the further sections of the article, managed to get into the TOP-10 of Russian air carriers. Of course, she took it only ninth place, which, however, was for the new company a good start and a serious bid for yourself.

At the moment, Pobeda airplanes fly in seventy-five directions, with each year the network of routes is expanding, including new Russian and European cities. For flights, the low-coster uses Boeing-branded airliners, which can take on board one hundred and eighty-nine passengers at the same time.

Next year, the number of Pobeda airplanes will increase from twelve aircraft to forty, and passenger traffic should reach ten million.

A bit about luggage

Many passengers note that the transportation of baggage Pobeda airline strictly regulates. This practice, however, is very common among low-costers, because the low cost of the ticket is due to the minimum set of services provided during the flight. According to Russian legislation, the cost of luggage is always included in the price of the ticket, but the parameters of the transported each company can establish independently. For everything that exceeds the established norms of baggage transportation, Pobeda airline pays an additional fee.

When going on the road, do not forget that many carriers understand the phrase "luggage" bags, which you will take to a special compartment of the aircraft and take it on board. Therefore, be sure to study the peculiarities of carrying baggage from Pobeda airline before buying a ticket and getting ready to go. And we, in turn, will try to write about this as thoroughly as possible.

Things needed in flight

The airline "Victory" luggage, which passengers have the opportunity to carry in the cabin as a hand baggage, limited a very narrow list of things. Without additional payment, everyone who has a ticket for the flight can take the following items:

  • One female bag or a man's briefcase;
  • Folders for papers and magazines;
  • Umbrellas, bouquets of flowers, outerwear and suits in the case;
  • Oversized equipment (cameras, phones and so on);
  • Auxiliary means of transportation for people with disabilities;
  • Means for carrying small children and food for them.

It is interesting that so beloved women backpacks of any size can not be considered free baggage. The Pobeda airline allows them to be carried on board the aircraft only after an additional payment.

I would like to note that the rules for carrying hand luggage, which we voiced, are now lightened. After all, initially on board it was possible to take women's bags only of a certain size. Now this restriction is lifted.

What can I transport in an airliner for money?

Keep in mind that the airline "Victory" weight baggage, which for an additional fee can be taken with you on board, as well as its dimensions, are of great importance. Each passenger has the opportunity to pay only two pieces of hand luggage, with a total weight not more than ten kilograms. The dimensions of the bags should fit in one meter fifteen centimeters.

Take on board is allowed:

  • Bags and backpacks:
  • Boxes and packages;
  • Products in containers and other packaging.

Payment for each piece of baggage that meets the requirements of the air carrier has a single tariff. You can find it on the company's website or in the next section of our article.

Pobeda Airlines: prices for travel with hand luggage

For many passengers it was a discovery that you can pay for hand luggage not only at the airport, but also via the Internet. And online is much more profitable. Judge for yourself - on the site each unit of hand luggage will cost you nine hundred and ninety-nine rubles, and at the airport you will take from one and a half to two thousand rubles. If you are planning a flight from a foreign airport, then prepare the amount in the range of twenty-five to thirty-five euros.

Usually payment takes place at the check-in counter and check-in for the flight. However, many passengers who have flown with Victory more than once do it online and quietly sit in the salon with prepaid suitcases.

Baggage: the rules of transport

If you do not plan to bring bags to the interior of the airliner, then you still need to study the rules of the airline "Victory". Luggage, which passengers carry in a special compartment of the airliner, also has quite serious limitations. The cost of each ticket includes the carriage of one bag weighing not more than ten kilograms. And its size can not exceed one meter fifty-eight centimeters.

For everything that exceeds the established rate, passengers will have to pay. It's nice that in the luggage compartment of the aircraft you can carry an unlimited number of bags, the main thing is that each unit does not weigh more than twenty kilograms.

Pobeda airline: the cost of luggage

When you are going on the road, even at home carefully weigh your luggage to have an idea of the surcharge that will need to be paid for your bags. For baggage weighing less than fifteen kilograms a passenger pays two thousand rubles, a bag of up to twenty kilograms is paid in the amount of three thousand rubles. However, two pieces of such luggage will cost you five thousand rubles.

If your baggage exceeds twenty kilograms, then for each extra one you have to pay five hundred rubles. However, a piece of baggage can not be more than thirty-two kilograms.

Pets in the air liner

Loukoster "Victory" does not prohibit taking on board animals if they have all the necessary information for travel and vaccinations. But do not forget that when buying tickets, you should immediately indicate this fact. Otherwise, the air carrier can refuse you.

Animals, according to the rules of the airline, can be transported only as hand luggage and in carry-over. Their dimensions should not exceed one meter fifteen centimeters. Keep in mind that during the registration for the flight your pet is sure to be weighed. If he is not more than eight kilograms, then you will calmly board, paying one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine rubles. If the weight of your little four-legged traveler exceeds eight kilograms, then on board it will not be missed, even for extra money.

Oversized Luggage

There are cases when passengers need to take an airplane something unusual that does not fit the general rules. In this regard, the low-coster provided for a retreat from the list already announced by us and included in it an oversized cargo that can be transported in the luggage compartment of the airliner.

Do not forget that such baggage can not exceed twenty kilograms. It can be a bicycle, sports equipment or fishing tackle. Also, the air carrier allows transportation on its liners in a special compartment and firearms. The main thing is that its weight should not be more than ten kilograms.

If you pay for the transportation of such baggage through the airline's website, then one unit will cost you about two thousand rubles. Payment in the Russian airport will be already four thousand rubles. When departing from Europe, the cost of transporting an oversized cargo at the check-in counter is fifty-five euros.

Things bought in duty-free shops

A lot of questions passengers ask about the transportation on board of airliners of various items purchased in duty-free. And this is not surprising, because they do not fall into any category. Of course, small things that can be put in a normal handbag are not paid extra. But for all the larger items that you plan to take with you on board, you need to pay.

At Russian airports, you will have to pay two thousand rubles for such a cargo, when flying out of Europe by flights of the "Pobeda" low-coster, be prepared to pay at least thirty-five euros for a baggage of duty free.

Every journey should begin with a clear budget planning. The above information will help you to correctly assess the need for certain things that you want to take with you on a trip. After all, do not forget that the Russian air carrier Pobeda provides favorable prices for air transportation only to those passengers who do not take with them a large amount of baggage.

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