"Sikomore Chanel": description, reviews

The great fashion designer and innovator Gabrielle Chanel created the image of modern women. She is the creator of the famous little black dress, the world's first kapron pantyhose, a shoe-stud and a tweed trouser suit. Undoubtedly, it can rightly be considered a reformer of not only European fashion, but also world one as well.

In addition, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity should be grateful to this legendary personality for the unsurpassed aromas created by her. One of them is "Sikomore Chanel", which, perhaps, can not be called a classic and recognizable smell of this brand. It is a kind of perfume riddle for true connoisseurs of non-standard and uncommon flavors.

The first look of the masterpiece

Toilet water "Chanel Sikomore" appeared in the far thirties of the last century. Her concept was developed by Mademoiselle Coco herself, together with the famous perfumer E. Bo. Gabrielle dreamed of creating such spirits, the fragrance of which could express all the refinement and splendor of the Baroque era, but at the same time exclude all the extra pomposity and pretentiousness of those times.

This idea was realized in the form of a charming aroma, enclosed in a simple "frame" - a usual transparent bottle. Originally the pyramid of this toilet water consisted of such chords: the top note is violet, the middle ones are rose, and also ylang-ylang with jasmine, and the base ones were vetiver and sandalwood.

All these components in combination gave a mysterious and attractive aroma, characterized by durability, and also able to leave behind its owner a long train. Unfortunately, the perfume "Sycamore Chanel" in the original version did not come out for long and for economic reasons was withdrawn from production.

Revival of this fragrance

These spirits, only in the updated version, appeared again on sale in 2009. Jacques Polje and Christopher Sheldrake decided to give a new life to "Sycamore Chanel", but in a more modern interpretation. Perfumery tried to keep the legendary concept of toilet water created by the unrivaled Mademoiselle Coco, only made it more modern.

Thus, the spirits of Chanel Sikomore survived their second birth. Their aroma is presented in the same simple apothecary bottle and remained practically unchanged, it was just rid of many floral notes. Due to what he gained his expressiveness and now leaves behind a longer and intoxicating trail.

Updated concept

This perfume can now be used not only by representatives of the weaker sex, but also strong also. Toilet water "Sikomore Chanel" is currently positioned as a unisex.

The new fragrance perfectly combines the refined wood of juniper and ambroxan, which are perfectly complemented by notes of violets and tobacco leaves. In the heart of the perfume concept are the smells of Egyptian vetiver, honeysuckle, cypress and jasmine. At the heart of the aroma lie notes of cedar, musk and sandalwood, leaving behind a thin and light dandy smell of chic and immaculate beauty. The renewed perfume "Chanel Sikomore" will help modern ladies to find the image of a fatal and strong woman, as well as conquer the heart of any man.

Refinement and confidence in one bottle

According to the creators of this updated version of the legendary fragrance, it is suitable for everyday use and for any season. Especially relevant this toilet water will be in the summer or autumn period, when its train is able to show all its true strength.

Its owners will be able to present a special attractiveness, seductiveness and a kind of audacity to this refined, but at the same time confident fragrance of the spirits "Chanel Sikomore". The description of this unrivaled smell indicates that it is aristocratic, sublime and elegant. This toilet water, perhaps, can not be called young or flirtatious. Most likely, it is intended for ladies already a little older, who, of course, know their own worth and have their own style.

The fragrance of this exclusive perfume can soften the image of a business woman or complement the romantic mood of her mistress. These spirits are characterized by all the French charm that characterizes this brand. Therefore, they can be an ideal gift to those ladies who love luxury and sophisticated style.

Customer's opinion

Thanks to this unusual combination of perfume notes of the new version, there are many fans and fans of the toilet water "Chanel Sikomore". Reviews of the fragrance of this fragrance say that he likes women primarily because there is not a single flower note in it, which now prevails in almost all luxury perfumes. Therefore, it is excellent for both going to some social event, and for a normal romantic dinner. This perfume can make any lady bright, majestic, but at the same time mysterious and mysterious. According to many girls, he can emphasize the femininity and fragility of the owner of this toilet water.

A strong half of mankind appreciated in its new fragrance its amazing smell of needles, which is quite resistant and does not change at all throughout the day, even when interacting with other smells that the skin can contact.


This perfume is sold in different volumes:

  • A bottle of 200 ml will cost from 29 500 rubles.

  • The average bottle (75 ml) will cost about 12 000 rubles.

  • A small bottle of perfume (4 ml) can be purchased for 1200 rubles.

There is no doubt that this toilet water, created by the legendary Mademoiselle Chanel, will help every woman to reveal her beauty and attractiveness in full, emphasize all her dignity and grace.

With such a fragrance, the image of any lady will play with new colors, he is able to fill his possessor with joy, happiness and such inner qualities that she did not even suspect of before. Just a couple of drops of this perfume will make her feel welcome, because, of course, their mistress will bathe in a sea of compliments.

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