New Onyx: New e-books with a backlit screen - a scientific series on Android

Onyx this summer released three new readers, a series of these three e-books the manufacturer called a "scientific series." The scientific series is named because it is dedicated to the great scientist: James Maxwell, Nicholas Copernicus and Johannes Kepler.

Onyx is the first reader on Android, but not the first with backlight for e-books on E-Ink Pearl technology screens. Previous series Aurora, consisting, however, only one model ONYX BOOX i62ML Aurora, surpassed all expectations of the manufacturer in terms of demand for it. Prior to the release of the scientific series, Aurora was recognized as the product of the year and the best e-book with a backlit screen. In the new series, the quality of the backlight has improved, its slight unevenness has decreased to a very insignificant level, which is now difficult to see even with a detailed close examination, brightness adjustment has become more comfortable and smooth.

In just a month and a half from the date of the sales start, the representatives of the new series have already earned awards, established by the editions of specialized magazines, websites and portals. For example, ONYX BOOX i63SL Kepler was awarded with the "Editorial Choice" award from the specialized portal, the "Platinum" award of the Techno-Kitchen video editors website, "Expert's choice" of the IT Expert magazine. With this pace of awards, new ONYX readers are rapidly gaining chances to become the product of the year after Aurora.

The main innovation of the series is Android. What motivates the manufacturer's decision to design these readers on the basis of Android is not known, but experts believe that it is justified. However, users of readers who have already managed to buy ONYX BOOX of the new series, are ambiguous about the need for them to Android.

The new series in its class of devices is the most powerful, as it is built on the basis of a fast energy-efficient processor and large-scale RAM. Other vendors that produce six-inch E-Ink e-books with a backlit screen have not yet caught up with Onyx on these parameters.

The differences between the series devices are briefly ciphered in the marking of the full name of the models. The SL abbreviation for the ONYX BOOX i63SL model name Kepler means no touch screen (S) and the backlight function of the electronic screen (L). In the name of the ONYX BOOX i63SML Kopernik, the SML abbreviation also means the absence of a touch screen (S), the presence of a backlight (L) and the absence of a headphone connector (M). Abbreviation ML in the name of the model ONYX BOOX i63ML Maxwell means no audio support (M) and the presence of an E-Ink screen with backlighting (L). That is, all three e-books with screen illumination, audio format files support only Kepler, and the touch screen with multitouch function is only available from Maxwell. To determine which is the best e-book from the new series, it is advisable to study their detailed review, to consider in detail all their capabilities and compare the characteristics.

Books, despite the gluttonous Android, a long (about a month) keep the battery charge. And it's thanks to Android, besides the possibility to download programs from third-party publishers on them, you can write your own programs on them. Readers support a variety of file formats, according to this indicator Onyx e-books are also obvious favorites among their rivals. In addition to a variety of formats, the books are also famous for the many supported languages of the world, you can read literature on any of them, among them Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Polish and even Chinese and Japanese. In addition, in the pre-installed software there are dictionaries. The functionality of the keys and navigation joystick can be customized via the reader menu.

And, as always on Onyx, complete with a reader is sold a beautiful cover and a charger, which will not need to be spent extra.

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