With what to wear patent leather shoes?

The way a woman looks, depends largely on shoes. It should be comfortable and, of course, beautiful. Even the most unpretentious dress in combination with high-quality stylish shoes looks advantageous. But is everything that is sold in stores right for you? And if it is suitable, do you always know what to wear with it?

Shoes for all occasions

Previously, shoes were divided into smart and work. Usually the one that was on high heels, was considered evening, and on the low - everyday. The pace and lifestyle of modern women are making adjustments to this division. Increasingly, we see in the models of famous couturiers a combination of creative evening dresses with shoes on a low heel. The Oxfords now in fashion confirm this conclusion.

You can be feminine in shoes by wearing lacquered shoes or shoes. They just got back into fashion. In the collections of 2015 they are given a special place. Among them there are many models on lacing and platform. There are also shoes with a low heel, called Oxford.

Lacquered shoes and shoes can be both smart and used every day. The elegant models are distinguished by the presence of a heel, sometimes of an unusual shape, they are decorated with rhinestones, clasps, prints, guipure, fur insets. They will fit elegant evening dresses and hairstyles. The whole arsenal of what was invented is combined with new developments of fashion designers.

You can wear lacquered boots (see photo in the article) for work and for an exit, but you need to know some features of both the material itself and the care for it.

Wearing rules

High quality patent leather serves long. After all, it is covered with a layer of primer and varnish.

Lacquered shoes and shoes should not be worn in hot weather. The material from which they are made, poorly transmits moisture. Therefore, feel yourself in such shoes you will be uncomfortable. In addition to the heat, it can become covered with cracks.

In the rain, wear them all the more not worth it. In this case, you will not suffer so much as you, but the shoes themselves. If your patent shoes are soaked, they should be dried as soon as possible. But do not put on the battery heating or use electric drying. Do not give in to bright sunlight. It is best to dry lacquered shoes at room temperature. It's good to stuff it first with old crumpled newspapers. They will absorb the moisture.

If the lacquered women's shoes (photo above) are properly dried, then the small cracks that formed during the socks may be tightened.


Do not think that you do not need to take care of dry, unbreakable shoes. On the contrary, they need constant purification. For this purpose, special means have been created for the care of lacquered footwear based on water. Wipe them also with a special polish for patent leather shoes, using a soft cloth. After such processing, the shoes will shine like new ones.

You can periodically wipe the patent leather shoes with cotton wool soaked in petroleum jelly. Ten minutes after the treatment, you need to carefully collect its remnants with a woolen cloth. If there is no petrolatum, you can use egg white. But first it must be carefully separated from the yolk. After drying, also treat with a soft cloth.


They store lacquered shoes and shoes in their own box, wrapping paper. The temperature in the room should be room, humidity - low.


In this season, the most popular models are black and red. Other colors and their shades are also common. Brown is a traditional option. In addition, there are purple, blue, green, orange and even silver models on sale.

Often in the decoration of shoes designers use prints under the skin of a snake, crocodile, leopard.

Lacquered shoes can be any color. It is acceptable to combine several colors or textures of the same color. It can be lacquered women's shoes with suede or leather inserts or leather with lacquered elements. They emphasize the originality of the image, make it bright and stylish.


But it can happen that the image created by you will cause only surprise and ridicule. This will happen in the event that the shoes will not be in harmony with all the other elements of the wardrobe.

Choosing what to wear to patent shoes, you need to remember that in clothes, shoes and all manner of bright colors should not be more than three.

The optimum color for patent leather shoes is beige. It is perfect for clothes of any color. Unfortunately, this color is not very practical.

Lacquered women's shoes of black color are often ambiguously perceived by others. They should not be worn in the office or at a business meeting. They are suitable for any informal events, including solemn ones. There is an opinion that black lacquered women's shoes (photo below) are a sign of the inner freedom of the person who wears them. They are especially popular among people of creative professions.

With what to wear patent leather shoes

The main thing here is not to overdo it. Wearing bright patent leather shoes, a belt and a bag with rhinestones, you risk becoming a kind of Christmas tree. To such shoes you can add a thin lacquered belt in the tone of shoes or clutch. And no rhinestones. Usually they are pretty beautiful lacquered women's shoes.

With what to wear them? How to choose clothes so as not to cause condemnation of others? It will be good to combine lacquered shoes with a business suit. Jewelry is not necessary. Enough chain or bracelet.

If you do not like shoes with sharp socks, you can pick up varnished boots on a thick sole, which are now very relevant. The grooved sole makes the leg heavier, but the created image is harmonious.

Lacquered shoes on the platform will be practical. In them it is much more convenient to walk. In addition, you can pick up a lot more outfits than shoes with high heels. These are straight jeans with a shirt, and dresses, and lush skirts.

A more refined and romantic image will be obtained if the patent shoes with a rounded toe, tight fitting leg, you will put under a leather jacket or vest.

To dress it is better to pick up shoes brighter, so that their color is in harmony with the outfit. Let them have a high heel and a sharp sock. Such shoes will make the leg less visually.

The model with the inset "chelsea", which consists of a black rubber band, located from the sole to the top of the boot, is not only beautiful and original. This shoe is easy to remove. Together with this, he does not injure his leg while walking.


Women's shoes, similar to men's, are called Oxford. The name came from the place where they first began to wear this shoe. Now they are considered an example of a classical style. About whether the image of the girl will become more romantic, if she wears Oxford, you can argue, but more vintage bow is provided accurately.

In appearance Oxfords are classic low shoes with a wide, often low heel and a line on the welt. A distinctive feature is that the front part of the sewn on top of the side.

Oxfords are considered business shoes, although they are often decorated with various buckles, inserts and other decorative elements.

The material from which they are made is leather, nubuck, suede. There are many varnished models.

What to wear with oxford

Why wear lacquered boots of this type? This model can be worn with short coats, raincoats, cardigans. At the same time, they look great with classic skirts, trousers and even shorts.

Well combined with knitted and evening dresses.

A very interesting option would be if you put on a top, short jeans with a boyfriend's lapel and colored Oxfords. If you do not have such jeans, then you can turn the edges of the shortened model a little, about a centimeter in length. It is desirable to keep puppies open. Sometimes these shoes are worn with bright socks that look in between jeans and shoes. But to wear socks to a skirt or a dress is by no means impossible. It will be ugly and funny.

Do not combine oxford and long pants. This will visually shorten the legs.

The image you create largely depends on the color of the shoes:

  • Black lacquered boots will help create a strict classical image. They will fit well with the black narrow trousers and jacket.
  • Light summer pants, top and short jacket can be worn with beige shoes of this style.

Noses of the described type of footwear can be both rounded and pointed. The sharp noses of oxford are more feminine and refined. There are high-heeled patent leather shoes for women. With what to wear them? These shoes are combined with a short skirt, dress or cloak. You can put under Oxford tights, tight or in the form of stockings.

If you prefer the style of kazhual, then you can add gaiters, take a tote bag.


Accessories for Oxford need to be selected with special care. Felt hat, leather vest will be very handy. You can pick up a long scarf of the same shade as the shoes (if they are not black). It will not only warm you up on a cool day, but will complement the image, make it more romantic.

Bracelets, watches adorn the ensemble, which includes lacquered shoes. Buyers' comments say that you can decorate such shoes yourself by using your imagination. So it turns out an exclusive model.

Shoes lacquered shoes, in clothes and accessories, stick to minimalism, not forgetting about your individuality.

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