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Analysis for hormones in men: transcript, norm

Hormones play a great role in the life of each person. From the right hormonal background depends good health, mood, healthy sleep, the presence or absence of excess weight. Men suffer from a failure in the work of even one link of the system no less than women. For this reason, the delivery of tests for hormones - quite often the appointment of doctors. What is a similar analysis and what are the norms for deciphering it?

Hormones and their features

Hormones are the basis of all life support systems of the human body. They affect various types of metabolism: protein, carbohydrate, water-salt, lipid and others.

It is an even hormonal background that can ensure the proper functioning of the whole organism and its timely response to various diseases, fatigue or stress. Hormones activate the protective forces of man, and they also contribute to a full rest and recovery.

Genetically conditioned hormonal background is the cause of development and growth of a person, and later of his old age and death.

The so-called male hormones are present not only in the male body, but also in the female body, only in a different quantity. In men, the production of hormones depends on the work of the testicles and adrenal glands.

Delivery of tests

не проверяется в плановом порядке. The analysis for hormones in men is not checked in a planned manner. Such tests are appointed as an additional method of diagnosing the disease, in order to obtain a more complete picture.

Such an additional check makes it possible to establish:

Наличие бесплодия. 1. Infertility.

Неправильную работу щитовидной железы. 2. Incorrect thyroid function.

Наличие сахарного диабета. 3. Presence of diabetes mellitus.

Возможные воспалительные процессы. 4. Possible inflammatory processes.

Причину избыточного веса. 5. The cause of excess weight.

Неправильную работу надпочечников. 6. Miswork of the adrenal glands.

Задержку полового развития. 7. Delayed sexual development.

Причину проблем с кожей. 8. The cause of skin problems.

будет зависеть от таких факторов, как возраст, наличие сопутствующих заболеваний, прием лекарственных препаратов, а также общее состояние пациента. The interpretation of the hormone test for men will depend on factors such as age, the presence of co-morbidities, medications, and the general condition of the patient.

Rules and procedure for the delivery of tests

анализ на гормоны у мужчин был наиболее верным, рекомендуется соблюдать некоторые правила: To the analysis on hormones in men was the most correct, it is recommended to observe some rules:

Подобные анализы следует сдавать на голодный желудок. 1. Such tests should be taken on an empty stomach. For this reason, it is better to schedule a visit to the laboratory in the morning.

Чтобы избежать скачков гормонов, лучше исключить тяжелые для организма физические нагрузки. 2. To avoid jumps of hormones, it is better to exclude heavy physical loads for the body.

Не принимайте в период сдачи анализов препараты, влияющие на гормональный фон. 3. Do not take drugs that affect the hormonal background during the test. If you can not cancel your appointment, tell your doctor.

Исключите прием алкоголя накануне перед посещением врача. 4. Eliminate alcohol intake on the eve before visiting a doctor.

От курения лучше отказаться хотя бы на два часа до сдачи крови. 5. It is better to give up smoking at least two hours before giving blood.

Накануне откажитесь от жирной, жареной и тяжелой пищи. 6. On the eve, give up fatty, fried and heavy food.

Постарайтесь не сильно расстраиваться. 7. Try not to get very upset. Excessive emotional stress can affect the results.

What tests should I take on hormones for men?

To determine the male hormonal background, a blood test is taken. It is the blood that allows us to determine the work of two kinds of hormones (produced both by the testicles and by the adrenal glands).

To make the correct picture of the disease, it is possible to prescribe the delivery of the following hormones:

Фолликулостимулирующий гормон (ФСГ). 1. Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

Дигидротестостерон (ДГТ). 2. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Тестостерон. 3. Testosterone.

Лютеинизирующий гормон (ЛГ). 4. Luteinizing hormone (LH).

Пролактин. 5. Prolactin.

Эстрадиол. 6. Estradiol.

Прогестерон. 7. Progesterone.

Связывающие половые гормоны (ГСПГ). 8. Binding sex hormones (SHBG).

Any kind of hormone has a function in the male body. Only their correct work allows maintaining a healthy functioning of the body. The referral for specific tests can be given by a specialist, based on complaints and symptoms.

Analysis for hormones in men: how to take, the rules of sampling

To determine the hormonal background of a man, he takes an analysis of his blood, and from the vein. For the collection of material specialist uses disposable tools. After extracting the required amount of biological material, it is placed in sterile test tubes. Then the received amount of blood is sent to the laboratory for diagnosis. The results take from 5 to 10 days. The procedure does not cause painful sensations and takes no more than 5 minutes of time.

Follicle-stimulating hormone

Follicle-stimulating hormone is one of the most important hormones in the male body. Its function is to conceive a child, and it also affects the level of an important male hormone, such as testosterone. A similar analysis is used to rule out infertility. It is a continuation of the spermogram study. When a weakly active sperm is detected, a decrease in sexual desire and the possibility of sexual intercourse, a similar study is assigned.

Normal indicators of this type of analysis are its fluctuations from 1.37 to 13.58 mU. Any deviations from these figures are a negative indicator.


Dihydrotestosterone is a steroid type of hormone. He ensures normal puberty in the period of the formation of a young man, and is also responsible for the possibility of men to have sex. Most of the DHT is produced by the testicles, the rest is accounted for by the adrenal glands.

The age of the patient has a great influence on the parameters of this hormone. So, for boys the norm of DHT is 5-50 pg / ml, for men of older age - 250-990 pg / ml. By the more mature age, the content of this hormone in the body again noticeably decreases. Any deviation from the normal range of indicators may indicate the presence of one of the following diseases:

  • Inflammatory processes in the prostate gland;
  • Excessive activity of the sex glands;
  • Endocrinological abnormalities;
  • Disorders associated with the passage of hormonal treatment;
  • Inflammation in the adrenal glands;
  • The beginning of andropause.

The lack and excess of content in the body of DHT can also be determined by external signs. So, with a lag in the physical development of a teenager, it is recommended to pass an analysis for dihydrotestosterone, and if a man develops rapid alopecia, it is also possible to diagnose excess of normal indices.


Testosterone is the most famous hormone. He plays a significant role in the maturation of the man and his sexual activity. Testes are responsible for its formation in the body. The main functions of testosterone are:

Формирование мужского организма, его созревание в подростковый период. 1. The formation of the male body, its maturation in adolescence.

Гормональный фон определяет сексуальное поведение мужчины. 2. Hormonal background determines the sexual behavior of men.

Влияет на обменные процессы организма. 3. Affects the metabolic processes of the body.

Способствует выделению и формированию спермиев. 4. Promotes the isolation and formation of spermatozoa.

Оказывает большое влияние на формирование мышечного корсета. 5. Has a great influence on the formation of the muscular corset.

анализ на гормоны (норма и отклонения от нее) у мужчин зависит от следующих показателей: возраста пациента, его стиля жизни, наличия сопутствующих и хронических заболеваний, курения, алкоголизма, приема наркотических препаратов, методов забора. This analysis for hormones (norm and deviations from it) depends on the following parameters: the age of the patient, his lifestyle, the presence of concomitant and chronic diseases, smoking, alcoholism, the use of narcotic drugs, methods of sampling. Such an analysis is taken in the morning.

анализ на гормоны у мужчин среднего возраста должен иметь показатели в диапазоне от 345 до 950 нг\дл. This hormone test for middle-aged men should have values in the range of 345 to 950 ng / dl.

Luteinizing hormone

Luteinizing hormone is involved in such an important process as the production of sperm and a sufficient amount of testosterone. This analysis is included in the list of mandatory for verification in the presence of any hormonal failure.

анализ на гормоны у мужчин должен варьироваться от 2 до 9 мЕд\л. This test for hormones in men should vary from 2 to 9 mU / liter. Deviations may indicate the presence of problems in the body. So, if the figures are exceeded, the development of inflammation in the pituitary gland is possible, while at the same low rates - renal failure.

In the presence of small indicators, we can talk about violations in the genital area, which can be caused by excess weight, the presence of bad habits, the use of medications, improper development of the pituitary and hypothalamus.


Prolactin is a hormone that is important for the female body. It ensures the normal conception, development and delivery of a healthy baby to the light. In the male body, prolactin carries other tasks, and deviations in its parameters can cause sexual dysfunction, lack of offspring and other problems.

анализ на гормоны у мужчин в норме должен соответствовать следующим значениям: 2,5-15 нг\мл. This test for hormones in men should normally correspond to the following values: 2.5-15 ng / ml. Exceeding the indicators can be evidence of the following problems in the body: changes in the liver and kidneys, the development of inflammation in the pituitary gland, inflammation of the thyroid gland, and others. However, exceeding the results does not necessarily indicate negative processes occurring in the body. It can be caused by the use of potent drugs (eg, antidepressants).


Estradiol - a hormone that is more important for the female body, rather than for the male, nevertheless, when checking the male hormonal background, this analysis is necessarily assigned. Estradiol is produced in the adrenal gland, but most of it is excreted from human body fat. Thus, the more a man has excess weight, the higher the probability that in his body the content of testosterone is lowered and the amount of estradiol (female sex hormone) is exceeded.

The tasks of this hormone in the male body are the regulation of the processes of sperm production, metabolic processes, as well as the normalization of the level of blood coagulation.

анализ крови на гормоны у мужчин в норме должен составлять 16-73 пг\мл. This blood test for hormones in men should normally be 16-73 pg / ml.

Lowering the level of the hormone in the blood can be associated with active exercise, smoking, protein deficiency, and excess of normal prolactin levels.

To donate blood to determine the level of estradiol should take into account some of the requirements and tips:

Откажитесь от серьезных физических нагрузок на несколько дней до сдачи крови. 1. Give up serious physical exertion for a few days before blood donation.

Воздержитесь временно от всех вредных привычек. 2. Abstain from all bad habits temporarily. This will reduce the likelihood of an incorrect result.

Два дня до сдачи анализов не стоит иметь половые контакты. 3. Two days before the test is done, you should not have sex.


Progesterone is a universal hormone, no less important for both the male body and the female. In the representatives of the strong half, it plays an important role in the process of producing spermatozoa, as well as their activity.

анализ крови на гормоны у мужчин в норме в среднем варьируется в следующих диапазонах: 0,35–0,63 нмоль/л. This blood test for hormones in men is normal on average in the following ranges: 0.35-0.63 nmol / l. With age, indicators can increase, which can cause the development of diseases. To obtain a more accurate result, it is recommended to take the analysis in the morning (preferably in the morning) on an empty stomach.

Binding sex hormones

Binding sex hormones provide transportation of all the hormones in the body, including as important as testosterone.

анализ на мужские гормоны у мужчин среднего возраста в норме должен составлять 13-70 нмоль/л. This test for male hormones in middle-aged men should normally be 13-70 nmol / L. For representatives of a more mature age (over 55 years), a decrease in these indicators is characteristic.

Determination of thyroid status

мужчинам назначают в следующих случаях: The analysis for thyroid hormones for men is prescribed in the following cases:

При наличии сомнений в постановке окончательного диагноза. 1. If there is any doubt about the final diagnosis.

Для проверки эффективности лечения и его корректировки. 2. To check the effectiveness of treatment and its adjustment.

После проведения операций. 3. After the operations.

Гражданам, место жительство которых влияет на снижение уровня содержания йода. 4. Citizens whose place of residence affects the reduction of iodine levels.

Recommendations for blood donation:

Анализ сдается натощак в утренние часы. 1. Analysis is given on an empty stomach in the morning.

За несколько недель до проверки рекомендуется отменить прием гормональных препаратов. 2. A few weeks before the test, it is recommended to cancel the intake of hormonal drugs.

Не рекомендуется сдача анализов в восстановительный период после перенесенного заболевания. 3. It is not recommended to take tests during the recovery period after the illness.

Analyzes for the determination of thyroid status are:

Трийодтиронин свободный (Т3). 1. Triiodothyronine is free (T3).

Тироксин общий (Т4). 2. Thyroxine is common (T4).

Тиреотропный гормон (ТТГ). 3. Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).

Антитела к ТТГ. 4. Antibodies to TTG.

Instead of an afterword

какие анализы сдают на гормоны мужчины . Thus, all of the above gives us an idea of what tests are passed on the hormones of a man . This diagnosis is one of the most important ways to prevent and identify many diseases.

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