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What alcohol does with your body

Even if you drank just one sip of beer, wine or whiskey, alcohol will stay in your body for about two hours. It quickly enters the bloodstream and affects almost all organs of the body. Your liver has to cope with the toxins. Even if you do not drink too much to get cirrhosis, your body still suffers from alcohol consumption. Of course, you do not have to give up alcohol completely. Moderate consumption can even be beneficial - for example, reduce the risk of diabetes. But if you abuse alcohol, your health will necessarily worsen. Here are just a few of the consequences that drunkenness leads to.

Harm to the brain

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol does not destroy brain cells. It changes the number of neurotransmitters - chemicals that transmit information, controlling your mood, perception, behavior. Alcohol also affects parts of the brain responsible for balance and coordination. In addition, the researchers found that the area responsible for recognizing fear and anger ceased to actively point out the threat after drinking, people simply did not understand that the situation could be dangerous - this explains why drunks often find themselves in a fight they did not need To get involved.

Harm to the skin

After drinking, you might think that people around you are much prettier. But on your own appearance, alcohol affects negatively. Alcohol spoils your skin, dilating blood vessels and increasing the likelihood of inflammation. In addition, your eyes are covered with a mesh of vessels, and the face turns red due to the destruction of the capillaries. The heart begins to pump blood to the head to balance the expansion of arteries and veins, making the face look swollen and swollen. If you abuse alcohol constantly, the appearance acquires irreversible changes that will be noticeable to everyone around you.

Harm to the muscles

You can spend any amount of time in the gym, but if you go to the bar after class, your biceps will never be bigger. Alcohol affects hormones and leads to the fact that the body's reaction to exercise becomes negative, your body can not repair damaged during the training of cells. Especially destructive effect is obtained if you drink regularly, so do not think that drinking a beer as a snack after training can be normal - this is a serious mistake that negates all your physical efforts. It is better to drink something non-alcoholic and replenish the supplies of proteins and carbohydrates, which your body needs so much after intensive training.

Damage to the heart

Moderate use of alcohol can even strengthen the heart due to the presence in the drink of polyphenol, which increases the level of useful cholesterol. But this works far not for everyone, only for fifteen percent of people who have a certain genetic tendency to control the level of cholesterol. Soon, to determine the normal level of alcohol consumption, people will be able to conduct genetic analysis. In the meantime, it is worth considering that regular consumption of alcoholic beverages negatively affects the condition of the arteries. You acquire an uneven pulse, which increases the threat of a heart attack several times. Consequently, even despite some positive effect, alcohol still harms your cardiovascular system.

Harm to digestion

Just one evening, in which you have allowed yourself an excess, already leads to problems with the intestines. Harmful toxins and bacteria come from your digestive system into the bloodstream, which causes a dangerous reaction of the immune system. It can lead to liver disease and other health problems. Even in small doses, alcohol is dangerous - it causes irritation in the stomach and leads to heartburn due to relaxation of the esophagus muscles. As a result, gastric juice can get from the stomach to other parts of the intestine, where it usually does not have to be. Finally, alcohol makes you gain weight.

Harm to the sex organs

The most about the negative impact of alcohol is to think about those who plan to have children. Binge harms both women and men, in addition, it simply reduces the likelihood of pregnancy. Just a few alcoholic cocktails - and the number of spermatozoa is significantly reduced. In addition, the level of the hormone testosterone also falls. As a result, the quality of sperm is deteriorating. Even if you have no plans for offspring and you think that a glass of wine only creates the right mood, you can seriously make mistakes. Alcohol has a bad effect on libido, which means that you will not shine in bed. According to statistics, three quarters of men with alcohol dependence report regular problems with sex - lack of desire, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. In short, alcohol is a serious enemy of your sex life, even if it seems to you otherwise.

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