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What does it mean to "bait": an explanation of game slang

The question of what it means to "bait" is of interest to all users who have just registered in an online shooter or a game of the MOVA genre. This way one of the many popular tactics in the battle with other players is indicated. Its meaning is to create a trap for gaining a positional advantage in the next battle.

The appearance of slang

In order to find out what it means to "bait" it is necessary to turn to the dictionary of the English language. It has the word bait, which is literally translated as "bait." In translation and explains the whole essence of the strategy of the biking.

One person from the team is selected for the role of bait, while others wait for the enemy. When all the enemies are in the right place, they will easily be surrounded and killed, being in a better position. Usually, opponents rarely realize that a trap is being prepared, because the excitement of combat takes precedence over common sense. Thus, most ambushes are successful in any of the games.

Battling is often called tactics, when one user leads enemies to allies even without intentional creation of a trap.

Standard scheme and training

It is ideal to study what it means to "bait", and how the strategy is applied, it is possible only in practice. In the role of bait is always the most fragile fighter, which at first glance is easily alive for two or three enemies. A player who agrees to be a bait must be ready to attack and calculate the ways to retreat or take advantage of a position in battle.

Even with the successful closure of the trap, it will remain the main target of the enemy, because it has the least health or it is difficult for him to turn on a narrow section of the map. When the adversaries reach a certain position, the allies jump out of cover and take advantage of the moment of surprise. The hitch in one second here is equal to murder. That is why tactics work perfectly and are used in most network races.

To get a good idea of what it means to "bait", and how to use it in practice, you need to take part in ambushes or get caught up in the enemy's ploy. The main thing is to remember that in the same place twice a trap is rarely obtained, and you can get yourself into the prepared assault of opponents.

Biting in two parts of the game "DOTA"

The online game, the MOVA genre, called "DOTA", has more than a decade of popularity among millions of users. New players always try to quickly learn to play and learn all the subtleties of online battles. First of all, they are interested in what it means to "bait" in "DOTA", and how to do it yourself.

To implement the trap requires a good interaction between team members, as well as understanding the game. Without this, the player will simply be late and will be useless or appear in the field of vision before and spoil the ambush. Since in the game "DOTA" all the places for traps have already been studied, it is necessary to understand that the enemy may be ready to accept the blow. However, as an objective, only an archer or a magician with a low level of health is always chosen. On the hero able to defend himself, the attack will be carried out carefully, and the trap will not have an effect.

This strategy has not changed in the second part of the game. The project itself updated the map, changed some mechanics and items for purchase, but the essence remained the same. If the player wants to know what it means to "bait" in "DOTA-2", then it is enough to apply knowledge from the previous part.

Biking in online shooter

To fully understand what it means to "bait" in "CS: GO" you need to know the essence of the game itself. Users with first-person views compete in a specific location, on the side of special forces or terrorists. On one side, usually from five to ten people fight. The team that kills all the enemies wins the round, detonated the bomb or neutralized it.

Players in this situation are difficult to create quality ambushes, because the cards have their own specifics. A great role is played by distance, because it is easy to kill from a distance, and the ambush will instantly fail. It is only necessary to face the enemies and lead them to a chosen place where the Allies will be waiting.

To quickly slam the trap and get the desired result, you need to have a lot of experience of battles, to correctly choose the goals and position on the map. If players from the team have already participated in such ambushes, then difficulties with the organization should arise. As a bait, it's best to choose a sniper, because enemies will try to approach him closely.

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