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Spermogram in Moscow: features of the procedure, the best medical centers and reviews. Where to spermogrammu in Moscow

For a long time trying to have a wife with a child, but all to no avail? My wife has no problems with gynecology, but perhaps they have you? To determine if you can become a father or not, you need to pass such an analysis, as spermogram. Using this study, you can determine the ability of sperm to fertilize. Today we find out in which clinics of the capital it is better to conduct an analysis and what it is necessary to know before handing over the seminal fluid.

What is spermogram?

This is a semen study that is being given to determine a man's fertility. Also, due to this analysis, it is possible to identify some diseases of the genitalia in the stronger sex. Often spermogram is given to those men who have encountered problems of conception.

This method of research is not conducted in public hospitals. To hand over material for spermogrammy it is possible only in private clinics. In Moscow, there are many, and each has its own price for this study. The best medical centers that provide such services to the population are Vitromed, SM-clinic, MEDINKUR, Family Clinic, MedTsentrServis.

In what cases is it conducted?

Spermogram in Moscow or in another city can be appointed in such cases:

- For research before the operation in the genito-urinary area.

- If there is a suspicion of infertility and you need to establish its causes.

- For examination before IVF (in vitro fertilization) or artificial insemination.

- For diagnosis and treatment of certain urological diseases.

Preparation for the procedure

To pass a spermogram in Moscow or any other city in Russia, you need to carefully prepare for it:

- Abstain from sex 4 days before the test.

- You can not visit the sauna 7 days before the test. You also need to protect yourself from hypothermia.

- Quit smoking, drinking, taking antibiotics, and also narcotic substances 3 months before the expected date of delivery of the seed. All these bad habits negatively affect the result of the study.

- Several weeks before the test is done, reduce physical activity to an average level.

- For 2 weeks before the manipulation, stop taking supplements and medicines (on the recommendation of a doctor).

Terms of delivery

A spermogram in Moscow or another city is carried out immediately after collecting the semen of a man. By masturbation and subsequent ejaculation, a person collects the material in a special sterile plastic container. For a reliable result, it is better to do 2 or even 3 analyzes within 1 month. The fact is that spermatogenesis in the testicles occurs through the relay system. At first, one area works, after which time another one is connected, etc. Therefore, a man always has sperm, but if a patient has a problem site during the analysis, then the result can be negative. That is why it is important to conduct the analysis several times.

Some men collect the material at home, and then take it to the clinic. But doctors recommend collecting sperm precisely in the place where the analysis will be performed. Since a reliable research result can only be obtained if from the moment of receiving the material until it is sent for verification it takes no more than 1 hour.

Incorrect collection of sperm

- Unsuitable will be that seminal fluid that was collected in a condom. The matter is that in this case in sperm elements of greasing which can distort a result of research will be found out.

- An unsuitable material for analysis will be the one that was collected as a result of an interrupted sexual intercourse.

- Unsuitable will be sperm, which was produced earlier than 1 hour before the analysis.

- The result of the analysis may be distorted if the man did not neglect the following recommendations 3 days prior to the study:

  • Was engaged in excessive physical exertion.
  • Consumed alcohol, smoked, drank energy drinks.
  • Ate spicy and spicy food.
  • He went to a bathhouse or, for example, went on a winter fishing trip.
  • On the eve of the analysis, I was ill with cold or infectious diseases, which were accompanied by an increase in temperature.
  • Was stressed.

Choose a place

This research is not done in all medical institutions. In many centers, ejaculate is only taken, and the analysis is transported to another laboratory, where it is conducted by ordinary laboratory technicians. But there are such clinics in which the research is done on the spot, and its narrow specialists - embryologists.

- It is very important to pass a spermogram in Moscow exactly in the place where the analysis will be conducted. After all, if the ejaculate is taken in one institution, and the study is sent to another room, then during transportation the seminal fluid will be subject to cooling and vibration. And this is bad for the results of the study. As a result, they may be unreliable, since the number of live and active spermatozoa will decrease significantly.

- The analysis of spermogram in Moscow is better to do in that medical institution, where a man will be treated for androlog. Especially it concerns those couples who want to decide on IVF. Embryologists should examine the sperm, determine its real possibilities to fertilize the egg. Experts rely more on those analyzes that were made directly within the walls of their clinic.

Spermogram: Moscow. Price analysis

The cost of this study is influenced by several factors:

- The prestige of the clinic.

- The region in which the medical institution is located.

- Qualification of the doctor.

- Equipment that is used for research.

- The presence in the hospital of its own laboratory.

So, the cost of spermogram can range from 1200 to 2500 rubles.

Center of reproductive technologies "Vitromed"

This clinic is located at the metro station "Pushinskaya" at Volokolamsky proezd, 1A. The medical center is a small 2-storey building with repair and the latest equipment. Although the clinic is small, it is comfortable, according to the patients, and the doctors working there are real professionals. There are always a lot of people in this institution, which only says that people really get what they are here for. People who get acquainted with this clinic and doctors soon lose the question of where to spermogram in Moscow.

The patient's feedback about this method of research in the clinic "Vitromed" is always positive. People note that all the tests conducted in this institution are reliable. And indeed it is. After all, the clinic has its own laboratory, where semen is being examined. Therefore, as soon as a man gives up a fresh ejaculate, the analysis immediately falls on the test. Also, patients of this clinic note that there are specialists working there that help couples get a child through IVF (and do this from the first time). Here you can get advice and treatment from a mammalogist, gynecologist, andrologist and even a psychologist.

Spermogram in Moscow in the clinic "Vitromed" will cost a man of 1500 rubles. And the patient receives the result of the analysis as early as the second day.

Center for Reproductive Health "CM-clinic"

This is another institution that is located at Belorusskaya metro station, where you can pass and receive a reliable medical report of a specialist. Many people believe that this is the ideal place where you can take a spermogram in Moscow. The patients' reviews of this clinic only confirm that professionals work here. And this applies not only to doctors, but also to the entire staff of the institution. People say that the clinic is polite administrators, professional doctors. The service of this institution, according to many users, is always at the highest level. Before making a spermogram in this clinic, the doctor necessarily examines and interrogates the patient. After this, he directs the man to this analysis. As noted by the representatives of the stronger sex, spermogram is done in comfortable conditions, and the result can be picked up the next day by a specialist. According to the results of the study, the doctor prescribes effective treatment, thanks to which many couples get the opportunity to have a child.

The cost of spermogram in this private institution is 2100 rubles.

The network of clinics "MedCenterService"

This company has been working since 1995. The network of clinics counts 14 multifunctional institutions in Moscow. Men who did spermogram in this center note that serious doctors work there, rich experience and education of which allow conducting reliable studies and relieving a person from problems with the genitourinary system.

Many believe that this is the best network of clinics in the capital. All establishments are located near the metro, so you can get to them without problems. The working hours of the clinics are round the clock, many work on weekends and holidays.

The only drawback of the network of these establishments is that they transmit material for research to independent laboratories.

The cost of spermogram in this clinic is 1800 rubles.

Multidisciplinary medical center "MEDINKUR"

This facility is located on the "Alekseevskaya" metro station, at 105 Mira Ave. This center was established in 1988. This medical institution uses the latest developments of the world science. All specialists of the institution are doctors of the highest category. The motto of the clinic is "Impeccable diagnosis = qualitative result of treatment". Many men, answering the question, where it is better to take a spermogram in Moscow, is called this center. The price level in this clinic is affordable. So, for the analysis of the ejaculate, you need to give about 1,700 rubles. People say that this is one of the few clinics where people are treated not as a wallet with money, but as a patient with their own problems and experiences. Doctors in this institution are caring, understanding, always looking for a way out of a difficult situation and finding it.

This is a huge center, where such departments as gynecology, andrology, urology, venereology, cardiology, therapy, mammology, ultrasound, etc. are concentrated. People from other cities come here to receive quality advice and the same treatment. Analyzes in this institution are reliable.

Spermogram: Moscow. Reviews about the "Family Clinic"

This is the famous line of private hospitals, which has 9 establishments in Moscow and 1 in Ryazan. The company opened 18 years ago. The clinics help people of any age in the main areas of medicine: therapy, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology. Hospitals have high-quality equipment. Service in them, according to many people, is excellent. Also, this clinic is available at affordable prices. Some people who do not know where to cheaply make a spermogram in Moscow, are looking for them for a long time. And very often they choose the center "Family Clinic". Here the spermogram will cost about 1200 rubles. This is the cheapest option from those medical centers that people consider to be the best.


Spermogram in Moscow is a procedure that is performed in many private clinics of the capital. However, the best institutions where the patient is given a reliable result are: Vitromed, SM-clinic, MEDINKUR, Family Clinic, MedTsentrServis. In these medical centers a man will receive quality assistance for relatively little money.

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