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Automatic tent - every tourist's dream

Today, more and more people prefer to spend their free time outdoors. Now we are not talking about inveterate gardeners, who, seeing the first rays of the spring sun, rush to the cottage. We do not mean experienced anglers, for whom there is no concept of the season at all. Today we would like to talk about ordinary people who are infinitely tired of a noisy and dusty city, from spending hours in a stuffy office and just want to go somewhere to nature, away from civilization and fuss. Ideal option in this case will be a house in the village - even the smallest, with a tiny piece of land. But if it does not exist, what can I do? The only way out is to collect backpacks and go camping.

In order for your holiday in nature to become full, you need to get a tent. If you seek help and advice on choosing a tent for experienced tourists, you will find out that not only the internal comfort, the water resistance of the materials used or the presence of mosquito nets, but also the time that is spent on assembling and disassembling the tent is important.

Automatic tents Envision developed by Russian experts taking into account the experience of world manufacturers of tourist equipment. The most important advantage of tents of this type is the ease of assembly. For example, Envision 2-person tent can easily be assembled in just 10-20 seconds. Automatic tent does not require arcing in the pockets, pulling the tent - just lay out the "umbrella" and you can enjoy the rest.

Automatic tent is a classic full-size model that does not Differs in the set of functions from the tourist counterpart. Excellent ventilation, powerful moisture and wind protection, ergonomics of the interior space - its main advantages.

Automatic tents are manufactured in two layers - an awning and an internal tent with a frame. The outer layer is designed to protect tourists from rain and wind. The inner part is made of a breathable synthetic material that is able to easily pass air and moisture from breathing or wet clothing. It comes out, condenses between two layers and drains to the ground on the outside of the tent.

According to experts and ordinary consumers, the automatic tent is by far the most successful constructive solution.

For a family picnic with an overnight stay, the classic 3-seater automatic tent Envision is most suitable. It equally well protects from the scorching sun and from heavy rain. In it you can put a lunch table. In very windy weather it is necessary to install special stretches for greater stability. Its height is about two meters.

The two-seater automatic tent Envision attracts both experienced and novice tourists with its high-speed assembly. It comfortably accommodate two adults for the night, it can be used as a storage for food and things in a tent camp.

Larger models, designed for three or four people, are equipped with spacious vestibules for things, have a well-designed ventilation system, reliable protection against water and moisture.

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