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Example of advertising a product. Types of advertising

Advertising is a modern way to introduce buyers to your product. She talks about the merits of the product and moves a person to buy it. However, there are special tools that work more efficiently, because they can influence the human subconscious. Knowing this, manufacturers are inventing new tricks so that in the end we want to use their services or bought such a thing necessary to us! Example of product advertising: for sure, each of us has just memorized by heart, that chewing gum "Orbit" supports Ph at the proper level. And intending to buy something like that, we remember exactly this brand. This is the effect of the promotion of goods on the market.

The target audience

Before you start an advertising campaign, you need to decide on which category of the population your products are designed for. It is this factor that will help you to understand where advertising and promotion of the product will work . There are a lot of ways, but each person has his priorities: if it is, for example, a medicine that suits the elderly, do not actively promote it on dating sites! It will be a waste of time. But to place a board or print an advertisement in an authoritative newspaper is the right decision. Attractive flyers, advertising brochures, which can be distributed in the clinic, will be much more effective and will find your potential buyers faster.

Well, for young people who are looking for sports equipment, will correctly place information in social networks or on popular youth sites. In addition, this audience is attracted to video clips or information on the popular radio wave.

Outdoor advertising - a powerful weapon

This type of advertising, many are called especially intrusive, but marketers say that it is very effective. And it works like this: a person reads advertising leaflets against his will and remembers slogans. And our subconscious mind processes information and draws conclusions. The result will not take long: we already want to buy this or that thing or use a particular service.

What is the advertising of goods and services? Which external media can I use? Here is a list of the most popular tools:

  • Shields are familiar items that come across our eyes throughout the city. They attract attention and force the client to obtain more detailed information about the company or service. The working side is aimed at the flow of people, but the non-working is not so effective, because to study written it is necessary to turn around.
  • Pointers are a simple form of advertising that explains to a person where to go to find your store or office. Example of product advertising: cute little footprints on asphalt or in the supermarket hall. Such signs may be of interest and lead to the department where the required products are exhibited.
  • Stretching - stretching advertising tents, which are often located above the tracks and local roads. The driver has the opportunity to read the text and remember the contact data - this option is considered more efficient than the shields.
  • People-sandwiches - an excellent advertising course: people dress up in costumes that attract attention, and communicate with potential customers.
  • Advertising on public transport is not too expensive, but it works fine. She sees a huge flow of people.
  • Urban construction - the creation of advertising images on shops, cabinets, kiosks.

Static advertising

Types of advertising can be distinguished by the type of impact on the client and by the method of placement. One of the easiest ways to spread information can be called static advertising:

  • Announcements in elevators. Despite the simplicity of the call for action, this method works effectively. Man, being in a confined space, is simply forced to study the material, which is located directly at eye level. So he will remember it, and maybe even get interested.
  • Advertising in the metro and transport. The situation is similar. Only it works even more actively - a lot of free time, plus there is an opportunity not only to read the material, but also to analyze it.

Internet - assistant in the promotion of goods

Well, of course, nowhere can you do without a global network! Advertising of any product should be not only qualitative, but also accessible to the general public. And the easiest way to achieve this is on the Internet - millions of people search for the right information every day, and your advertising encourages them to make the right choice. In addition, it is on the network that you will be able to use all available types of information: radio, textual prospectuses, videos. The main types are:

  • Banner - a graphic image in the form of a regular rectangular ad. The most common and effective type of advertising. You post text, image or contacts on your ad and place it on any site.
  • Text advertising - a few lines about your company or product can be placed on a thematic or any other site. And you can write an article from which the reader learns useful information (the highlight of the text is a link to the promoted product).
  • Video materials. It is worth such advertising is not cheap, but its efficiency is just at the height. Example of product advertising: Coca-Cola Company actively places videos on the network that are not inferior in quality to television analogues. Manufacturers urge to try the best drink in the company of friends or on vacation. Another hidden weapon can be called viral advertising: you watch a video - and you have a desire to share it with other users. That is, you yourself are already advertising your favorite products.

contextual advertising

The network is very actively used contextual advertising, which is well proven. Marketers say that it is able to sell anything! There are two types of such an event:

  • Texts and banners that have on the pages that coincide in meaning and context with similar advertising. This method has a huge plus - it does not irritate the reader so much and can be very useful in information content.
  • Advertising placed in search engines. It works simply: you enter a query into the search engine, and as a result, the window with an image or description of the promoted product / service pops up to the right or left. Example of advertising goods: "We will sell cars cheaply", "We will make furniture quickly and qualitatively".

Guerilla marketing

This type of advertising is perfect for beginners as well as for real professionals. In addition, you have a chance to save money - there are almost no cash costs, but you will have to spend a lot of time. What is the method? Everyone knows that the popularity of social networks and various forums and blogs only increases, which means that you have an excellent platform where you can promote your product. Write feedback, share your impressions, recommend a broad mass of members of the forum ... As a consequence, people begin to perceive such recommendations as proven and reliable information. Thus, a lot of companies work, and the result really is: in addition to promoting their products, the company also acquires a good business reputation. For example, advertising a new product requires a positive public opinion from the company. With the help of guerrilla marketing, you can constantly form and nurture interest in your products.

Television and print advertising

It is worth this type of advertising is not cheap, but it works perfectly. The thing is that it is able to reach a very wide audience. And everyone can find something for themselves. So if you are willing to spend big money on the promotion of goods and services - use the media of any level, besides visual advertising is perfectly perceived by the potential buyer.

Dear readers, all types of advertising are effective to varying degrees. It is necessary to take into account many factors that it really helped you to promote your own business. But remember: in order to increase your sales, you will have to invest in informing potential buyers. Good luck!

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