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A unique product from rose hips is butter. Reviews about the application in cosmetology, characteristics

Recently, various cosmetic products from rose hips have become widely popular. Oil, reviews about which can be heard in all corners of the world, began to apply to improve their skin, even many foreign stars. After all, this natural remedy is a real storehouse of useful substances and also serves as a source for obtaining a variety of vitamins and trace elements. Some cosmeticians, thanks to the tremendous healing properties that this oil possesses, call it the "liquid sun". Therefore, it is undoubtedly worth getting acquainted with such a useful product.


Not so long ago, they began to make oil from rose hips. Reviews of his magical effect on the skin and hair, quickly made this tool one of the most popular herbal products used in cosmetology.

It contains more than fifteen kinds of various fatty acids. In addition, the composition of the oil is endowed with many useful vitamins: C, E and A, as well as all kinds of trace elements, such as calcium, copper, manganese, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and many others.

This organic product has a reddish-golden hue, a specific flavor and a bitter taste.

Useful properties and uses in cosmetology

Thanks to such a rich composition can provide a comprehensive skin care this natural product from rose hips. Oil, reviews of many women confirm this, can provide the right nourishment, moisturizing and improve the regeneration of cells in tissues. In addition, it miraculously removes toxins, thereby preventing the aging of the epidermis.

Therefore, it is simply an irreplaceable oil of dogrose for the face. Reviews of girls who have already tried on his action, say that with the regular use of this product the skin becomes elastic, healthy, beautiful and supple. It also can slow down the aging process and fight pigmentation.

Therefore, many cosmeticians recommend using rosehip oil for the face. From wrinkles, many reviews give this direct proof, it is also able to save. For this reason, this tool is often used by women of mature age.

This natural product also can perfectly cope with dry skin and various peeling. Even often, the rose hips are applied around the eyes. Reviews say that it helps to get rid of the swelling of the eyelids, thereby making the look more clear and beautiful.

Due to such a wide range of properties, this product can still be used as a day or night cream. In cosmetology it is often used in combination with other organic products, as a basis for facial, body and hair care products. In addition, you can add to a variety of therapeutic baths and do with it healing and relaxing massages.

Indications for use

Therefore, many specialists and women at home use rosehip oil for the skin. Their testimonies say that it can wage an active struggle against mimic wrinkles, relieve scarring, various injuries and inflammations, help improve the skin condition, relieving it of flabbiness, dryness and flaking.

In addition, this tool is recommended to use to combat bags under the eyes and a strong tan. It is often used for the care of hands and feet. To do this, just add a few drops of this organic product in the cream and apply to a specific area of the body.


But it should be remembered that it is not recommended for people with skin prone to fat, this is a rose hips. Oil, the reviews are confirmed, in this case can only do harm. It is also better not to use this organic product for those who have acne, as this can significantly damage the skin.

Owners of a combined skin type should avoid getting oil on the t-zone. Also, this means should not be treated with such ailments as thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.

Before use, a simple wrist test should be performed in order to avoid any negative reaction of the body. If there are no redness and irritation, you can safely proceed to apply oil to the problem areas of the skin.

How to look after a face?

One of the most common ways of using this cosmetic is to apply it with a cotton swab on the skin in its pure form or with the addition of a moisturizer.

You can also use rose hips oil from wrinkles. Feedback from those representatives of the beautiful half of humanity who got rid of them this way, they say that for a better effect when applying the product you need to do a light massage with your fingertips. In addition, this organic product should moisturize the face in the summer before a walk, as it is able to protect against the negative effects of ultraviolet rays.

Where else can I apply?

Many cosmeticians tend to believe that this natural remedy can provide an amazing care for the finest skin near the lips. For the same reason, another dog rose oil is used for the eyes. Experts say that it can not only substantially nourish such epidermis, but also prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles in these areas of the face.

To do this, it should be applied gently to the eyelids and wait until it is absorbed. On the lips, this tool is better to smear before going out onto the street, especially in windy or hot weather.


There are a lot of proven facial masks with the addition of this organic product, but the best result can be achieved if applied to clean and steamed skin.

For those who have too dry epidermis, this recipe is suitable: take a couple of egg yolks and shake them well, then add one teaspoon of rose hips into them. This mask should be kept for no more than ten minutes and rinse only with warm water.

Those who suffer from excessive edema and inflammation, it is better to make yourself such a composition: take 1 tbsp. Spoon of nettle and wheat bran and mix them. After that, pour in the resulting mass of five grams of rosehip oil. This tool is applied to the face for about ten minutes, after which it is good to wash off.

For skin rejuvenation, it is recommended to make such a mask: mix one tablespoon of natural rose hips with the same amount of wheat germ oil, and then add two drops of essential oils obtained from patchouli and geranium to the resulting mass. This composition is also sometimes used as a moisturizing evening cream.

To cleanse your skin well, you can make the following mask: beat two egg whites, and then add in them thirty grams of pre-ground oatmeal and a tablespoon of honey. All the ingredients mix well and pour in them another 5 g of rosehip oil and walnut. The resulting mass should be applied to the face for about half an hour, after which it should be washed off with a little warmth at room temperature.

Opinion of women

Ladies who tried the effective effect of this natural product say that with its help there is an opportunity not only to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, but also to significantly reduce the already existing ones. The effect can be noticeable after the third procedure.

With its constant use, the skin will really become more elastic, elastic, nourished, cleaned and without any signs of fatigue and stress. In addition, very useful, according to the girls, rose hips oil for the skin around the eyes.

Their testimonials say that the swelling of the eyelids disappears almost a week after the beginning of the use of this natural remedy. In addition, this organic product can quite actively increase the immunity and tone of the skin, and also has remarkable sun protection properties.


Such a wonderful tool with such a huge amount of useful substances, will cost only 100-200 rubles per bubble, in which there are fifty milliliters of this magic oil. Undoubtedly, it is much cheaper than any factory cream. You can buy it in any pharmacy, where it is still sold and in the form of capsules.

Therefore, everyone is guaranteed to be able to buy themselves for regular use this natural product, which can make the skin stunningly beautiful, radiant and healthy.

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