Khmelnitsky (city): photos, places of interest, population. City `s history

Khmelnitsky is a city in Ukraine, an oblast center, standing on a river called the Southern Bug. Very soon this settlement will celebrate its 600th anniversary. It is believed that in these places people have lived since time immemorial. Despite its turbulent and rich history, Khmelnytsky is a city in which there are not many ancient sights. Should I include it in my tourist itinerary, what monuments and interesting objects can I see here?

The beginning of the history of the glorious city

It seems that in the place of modern Khmelnytsky region people lived at all times. During the archaeological excavations in this area were found settlements of the Scythian period - VII-III centuries BC. E., Chernyakhiv culture - III-V century BC. E., As well as artifacts relating to the early Iron Age (1st century BC). When exactly the modern city was founded, it is for certain unknown. The settlement with the name of Ploskirov or Proskur is first mentioned in historical documents relating to 1493. A lot later the modern name Khmelnitsky appeared. The city was called Proskurov for many centuries, quite often even today it is the name of its old residents. At the beginning of the XV century, this settlement belongs to Poland. At that time on the right bank of the river a wooden fortress is built, in which there are only about 100 people.

War of Independence and Freedom

A small fortress was raided many times by Tatars. Occurred in Proskurov and peasant uprisings directed against the Poles. From 1648 to 1654 years. The Liberation War lasted. At that time, all the inhabitants of the city, led by the ataman Bogdan Khmelnitsky, bravely fought for the freedom of the city. In 1672, the war with the Turks ended, and few survived from the local population. In 1699 Proskurov again becomes a Polish city and the Poles actively move here. And in 1795 the settlement is a part of Russia. A little later, Proskurov became the center of the Proskurovsky Podolsky province. At this time, trade and industry are actively developing in the city. Up to 14 times a year there were lush fairs, in 1870 the railway was launched. Khmelnytsky is a city in which many chic buildings, built in the XIX-XX centuries, were preserved. It was also in the Soviet period, in 1954, that he received the city and his current name - in honor of the ataman of Bogdan Khmelnitsky.

Khmelnitsky during WWII

During the Great Patriotic War the city was captured by the Germans. Here, a concentration camp was set up, in which, according to preliminary estimates of experts, at least 65,000 people died. Local residents try not to remember those terrible times, but, nevertheless, this is a true story of the city. Khmelnitsky was badly damaged during the German occupation. Many townspeople have died, parks have been cut down and most of the urban development has been destroyed. Concentration camp lasted about three years. On March 25, 1944, the city was liberated from the invaders by the Soviet troops of the First Ukrainian Front. The return of freedom was only the first step, a populated point (as well as the whole region) needed a long recovery. After all, during the war, apartment houses, administrative and public buildings, as well as other important objects were destroyed.

The second flourishing of the liberated city

After the end of the war, the priority task was the resumption of the national economy. As soon as the local population has returned to a peaceful and fairly prosperous life, the city is expanded and literally rebuilt. Simultaneously with the new housing estates there are large industrial objects. These are factories of transformer substations, thermoplastic automatic machines, radio engineering and Traktorodetal. At the same time, new educational institutions are opening, in particular Khmelnytsky National University. At that time Khmelnitsky - a promising city, already an industrial center, in which enterprises of all-Union significance function. In 1991, the population unanimously supported the proclamation of Ukraine's independence.

The city of Khmelnitsky: the population and the most famous people born here

According to data for 2006, the area of the city was 8,600 hectares, and the number of its inhabitants was 256,000 people. The demographic situation in the region is good - the population is steadily increasing, people from the region come here permanently, the birth and death rates are within the norm. According to data for 2015, the city's population is 300 100 people. A lot of people were born in the city, famous for their high achievements in various fields. This is a psychologist, philosopher and church figure Vasily Zenkovsky, People's Artist of the RSFSR Georgy Vereisky, an active participant in the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1920. Kost Misevich, People's Artist of Ukraine Anatoly Molotai, Olympic champion in 1976, Honored Master of Sports Sergei Nagorny and many others.

Description and photo of the city in our days

Today Khmelnitsky is a large developed city. There are about 80 industrial facilities, an airport, two railway stations, a long-distance bus station and two bus stations. There are enough institutions of preschool and secondary education in the city, there are also 15 universities, as well as professional lyceums and colleges. What does the city of Khmelnitsky look like today? Photos of its streets you can see in our article. The city is quite comfortable and clean. There are beautiful places for walking, the majestic buildings of Soviet construction have been preserved, and new interesting monuments also appear.

Sights of Khmelnitsky

The history of the city is full of various events, often not the most pleasant. For this reason, there are not too many historical monuments in this region. Tourists can visit today local history and art museums. Tours to Medzhibozhskaya fortress, built in the XIV century, are very popular. It is believed that it was here that Bogdan Khmelnitsky stayed . Noteworthy and modern monuments: the only sculpture in all Ukraine Baron Munchausen, a monument to those killed during local military conflicts and a composition composed of fragments of the present intercontinental missile SS-19. If possible, be sure to visit Khmelnitsky. The sights of the city make a special impression at the first acquaintance and make you think about different stages in the history of this settlement and the whole country.

Tips for tourists

Especially to go to Khmelnitsky from another country does not make sense. But the residents of neighboring regional centers and tourists who come for the whole holiday in Ukraine are happy to spend time getting to know this ancient city. A popular question among beginners who travel for the first time in this direction: "Where is the city of Khmelnitsky?" Find it will not be difficult, since it is a question of the regional center. Exact coordinates for the navigator: 49 ° 25'35.9''N, 26 ° 58'53.22''E. You can orient yourself on the South Bug River. If you plan to go on a trip on your own car - on the road you are waiting for signs. You can also get there by plane, train and intercity buses from other Ukrainian cities. In Khmelnytsky, there are enough hotels and catering establishments, and in the vicinity of the city there are sports centers and rest houses.

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