Tell you how to make a bouquet of socks with your own hands. A great present for any holiday!

If you prefer to give original, beautiful and at the same time useful things, be sure to try making a bouquet of socks with your own hands. Such a gift will be remembered by all with its creative and colorful design. You do not spend a lot of money on it, and most importantly - you can surprise and please the gifted. A similar composition of socks can be given not only to a man, but also to newly-made parents for the birth of a baby. Small children's socks can be decorated with raspashankami, cap and sliders. Such a sweet and gentle composition is sure to please my mom and dad's crumbs. Also a bouquet of socks can be presented to the other half, surprising it with such an interesting and original gift. It is also important that it is not at all difficult to make such an article. To produce it, you do not need to have any design skills. All that is required of you is to prepare supplies and create, armed with an excellent mood. Next, we will tell you how to make a bouquet of socks with your own hands. We hope you find our tips useful!

We stock up with necessary consumables and tools

A bouquet of socks is a very effective, economical and useful way of congratulating the newborn's parents. In order to make such a charming composition, first you need to buy colorful socks (for ages from 0 to 6 months), a cap, booties, sliders and body. Also, you need to prepare a beautiful wrapping paper, pins, scotch, sticks for cooking shish kebab. To decorate the craft, you will need a silk green ribbon, organza, as well as artificial flowers, small toys and any other decorative elements. You can choose the color of the bouquet depending on the sex of the baby. Delicate pink, peach, yellow tones are perfect for a girl, and blue, lilac, green - for a boy. You can choose a neutral color - beige, white or milky.

How to make a bouquet of socks with your own hands. A practical gift for kids

First we will prepare the socks. We will cut off the labels and start rolling them off in rolls spiraling, trying to turn the coils a little down. In this case, you should adjust the degree of tension of the fabric: do not twist the workpiece too lightly or, conversely, too tight. Remember: when folding the toe, his heel should "look" to the side. As a result, after twisting one pair of socks, you will have a flower resembling a rose. Now slightly stretch the top edge of the product, giving the "petals" a more realistic shape. Finally take the pin and fix it with a bud. So, the first flower is ready. By analogy, we perform several more buds from the remaining pairs of socks. After we move on to work with the clothing of crumbs. By analogy with socks we twist the prepared cap, booties, bodic, sliders. Also fix the workpieces with pins.

We continue to make out a bouquet for a newborn

Now we will decorate the stems of our flowers. We take sticks for shish kebab and wrap them with a green ribbon. The edges are carefully fixed with adhesive tape. In each bud, we insert one stick. Take the wrapping paper and cut out two rectangles from it. Fold the resulting parts diagonally with a shift. How to make a bouquet of socks with your own hands? We collect the finished flowers together and make out prepared by wrapping paper. We fix the whole composition with tape. We decorate the bouquet with ribbons and organza. We put prepared jewelry and toys inside.

A bouquet to a man from socks. A non-banal gift for any holiday

A bouquet of socks is a classic gift with an exclusive design that can be presented to a man for any holiday, including the day of the Defender of the Fatherland. It is sure to be remembered by your man, surprise him and make him happy. How to make a bouquet of socks with your own hands? First you need to prepare a small wooden basket. It can be bought at any floral store. Also, green corrugated paper, socks, wooden skewers, money hangers, scotch, round candies in a bright wrapper and decorative elements for decorating the composition will be required for work.

Step-by-step instruction for doing crafts

We take wooden skewers and fix the candy on them with scotch tape. We get the core of flowers in this way. We prepare skewers with green corrugated paper. Now we prepare socks - we remove tags and separate them individually. One sock is folded in half and gently, evenly and fairly tightly wound on a candy, attached to a skewer. We take the second sock and wind it on top of the first, only a little freer. The upper edge slightly bend outward, forming the petals of the flower. We fasten the bud with a rubber band for money. By analogy, we perform as many colors as necessary. Now take the foam and place it in the basket. We fix all the flowers in it, trying to distribute them evenly and beautifully. Add to the composition of tape, artificial greens and any other decorative elements. That's it, the original gift is ready! It remains only to solemnly present it to the man. We hope that such a present will be appreciated.

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