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Primary extinguishing media: general requirements

In each building there must be primary fire extinguishing means. The Fire Safety Instruction in any organization has points explaining how to act during a fire and what measures to prevent the spread of a fire. Persons who violate the requirements of the instruction bear responsibility for this.

General Provisions

Primary fire extinguishing means are different types of fire extinguishers, special fire hydrants, additional equipment (sand, asbestos cloth, felt, shovels and buckets) and auxiliary tools (axes, crowbars, etc.). They should be at every enterprise, and the head of the organization bears responsibility for their availability. Also, the head is responsible for training employees to the rules for the operation of all these funds.

It is strictly prohibited to use fire-fighting equipment for other purposes not related to fire extinguishing or conducting training sessions on fire safety.

Primary firefighting equipment should be in an accessible location and should not interfere with the evacuation of personnel. For their placement, as a rule, special fire shields are provided . However, it is not forbidden to equip small premises with small fire extinguishers with rules.

Primary fire extinguishing means are considered unfit for use and are decommissioned only by a decision of a specially appointed commission.

Action of responsible persons and personnel in case of fire

  1. Call the fire brigade.
  2. Include an automatic fire extinguishing device (if available) by yourself or by an on-duty person in charge of the facility.
  3. Make sure that the staff is in a safe environment. If necessary, ensure the evacuation of people.
  4. Ensure safe conditions for firefighters: inform them about possible risk factors, availability of gas cylinders and pipes with an explosive mixture, location of high voltage wires, etc.
  5. Carry out all possible operations on equipment and plants: de-energize, close the valves on the pipes, etc.
  6. Apply primary fire extinguishing means to combat fire.
  7. Assign an employee responsible for meeting firefighters. He should have information about the location of the access roads and water sources.

Accounting for primary fire-extinguishing means

Responsible persons should keep a record of fire extinguishing means. They are inspected at least once a year. The results of the check are recorded in a special magazine, which contains the following boxes: name (type of extinguishing agent), number, technical condition, date (charging of the fire extinguisher or verification) and signature of the responsible person.

Some primary fire extinguishing means (fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers) must have a passport, where the date of the last check or charging is indicated. All extinguishing media must be numbered and marked.

If any violations that prevent the normal operation of fire extinguishing equipment are detected, they should be corrected as soon as possible.

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