We sew at home. Corset Pattern

Every lady wants to be beautiful and surprise others. Various means are used for this. In the XIX century, for example, it was fashionable to tighten corsets. And now he is very popular with women. It allows you to look seductive, elegant and unique.

The corset creates the desired silhouette, slim, reduces the waist and visually increases the shoulders, and also makes the chest high, supporting it.

Most needlewomen are eager to learn how to create such a masterpiece with their own hands, independently.

Corset pattern. How to Sew a Unique Product

Sewing must begin with a pattern that can be found in any encyclopedia by sewing or corresponding magazines.

You can create a sketch of the product with all the bows, different beads, rhinestones, etc. If you do not like the pattern of the corset you found, then you can simulate it. For example, decorate it with all sorts of embroideries or other elements of decoration.

Corsets patterns are not easy

You need to consider all your measurements. Remember that the size of the corset will be one, one and a half or two sizes smaller than that of the main garment.

To create this product, you will need:

  • Fabric (preferably dense);
  • lacing;
  • Paper for patterns;
  • Large scissors;
  • Chalk;
  • Measuring tape.

Step-by-step instruction for beginners and professionals:

  1. We measure the waist, chest and hips.
  2. Determine the height of the barrel (we measure the distance from the armpit to the waist). It should be noted which at the end should be the length of the product.
  3. Building a corset pattern. Draw lines of chest, hips and waist. There should be three. Between the 1 st and 2 nd we maintain the distance of the sidewall. Parts of the pattern will be called: 1st central, 2nd central, 1st side and 2nd side.
  4. On the pattern we build the first piece of the pattern. It should be remembered that the solution of the tuck at the waist should be equal to one centimeter.
  5. Center of the breast lift by one centimeter, and then move it to the right by 7 mm. Further we carry out a vertical strip through the marked point, we reduce volume under a breast.
  6. After that, the grout solution is displaced to the line of the second relief by two centimeters. If you are building the outline of the front cut at the very first side, the details overlap.
  7. The front part from the side near the armhole is expanded by one centimeter. The same is done from the bottom.
  8. Next, go to the back. We reduce it at the side armhole by one and a half centimeters, then add one centimeter below.
  9. All the details are circled and cut out. The pattern of the corset is ready.
  10. Then all the details are swept and applied to the figure. In the event that the corset will sit perfectly, we, in fact, are starting up a sewing machine.
  11. After stitching, iron and process the seams.
  12. If you want to have bones in the corset, you will need a lining cloth. The lower layer of the product is produced according to the same pattern. The seams are processed so that in the end result there are strips for inserting a metal or plastic frame.
  13. The last step: on the back of the corset, make the laces for the lacing and insert it.
  14. Try on a new thing!

So you learned how to make a corset pattern. There's nothing complicated about that, is it? Anyone who wants, can do it and will not overpay a lot of money for such a product, buying it in the store. After all, you will always be able to emphasize your individuality and add something piquant to your work, while the product made by one's own hands is always much more pleasant to wear than the purchased item.

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