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Interior of the apartment in Scandinavian style: decoration and features

How to decorate an apartment in a Scandinavian style? This question is asked by people who want to see their house light and spacious, without refusing at the same time and from coziness. Fortunately, the style is suitable for placing any area, since this direction is characterized by practicality and economy. So, what you need to know about the design of the Vikings, whose popularity is growing in our day?

To whom does it suit?

Scandinavian style in the interior of small apartments - an ideal choice. Light colors, natural materials, minimal amount of furniture - all this will allow visually "push" the walls and get rid of the feeling of tightness. It is necessary to liking the style and people who prefer cold shades. They create an atmosphere of silence, which helps to relax after an eventful work day.

Prefer the Scandinavian design may owners of apartments, the windows that look to the north. In this case, the room will become warmer and lighter. Finally, the Scandinavian style in the interior of the studio apartment is the optimal solution. Zoning is carried out with the help of weightless partitions. They do not overload the space visually. Also, the proper arrangement of furniture, playing with color and lighting will help to identify the necessary zones.

Interior of the apartment in Scandinavian style: features

From time immemorial, the Nordic peoples have been treated with respected nature. Not surprisingly, the interior of the apartment in the Scandinavian style is created with the help of natural materials. Thanks to this in the room, the atmosphere of comfort, which is typical for this interior direction, reigns.

The choice of materials directly depends on taste preferences and material possibilities of apartment owners. Natural stones, wood, leather, linen, fur are welcome. Visually push the boundaries of a small space will help glass. Also, do not forget that the interior of the apartment in the Scandinavian style implies an emphasis on functionality. It is better to reject such a design at once to people who prefer an abundance of furniture and decor.

Colors, lighting

The style of the Vikings is not the interior direction, in which the twilight reigns. Therefore, without bright artificial lighting when creating an interior, you can not do. The main load traditionally falls on the ceiling chandeliers of large sizes. The top light must be supported by spotlights.

Creating an interior of the apartment in the Scandinavian style, it is advisable to focus on a light color scheme. The main thing in this case is white, which is supported by beige, gray, milky shades. Of course, the use of bright color accents is not forbidden. They enliven the room, make it warmer and more cozy. To arrange accents, you can use red, green, blue, purple.

We design the floor

What does the floor look like in the northern interior? Ideal floor coverings will be products made of natural wood or materials disguised as it. When decorating rooms such as kitchen and bathroom, you can give preference to the tile in light colors, which has an unobtrusive design.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment implies that the floor space remains as open as possible. This is achieved with the help of special furniture with legs. It does not interfere with viewing the entire floor area, which allows you to achieve a sense of space and freedom.

Walls, ceiling

In most cases, the walls are stained. And the preference is given to the paint in light colors. It is not necessary to focus on white. The living room will make beige and milky shades, a palette of melted milk and ivory. Also, the use of gentle blue, light green colors is welcome.

Of course, not only paint can be used in the design of walls, if you are trying to create a Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment. The photos presented in the article, serve as proof that in such a design the wallpaper perfectly fits. They can decorate all the walls or only one, using it as an accent. In addition, it is not forbidden to prefer light wooden panels, brickwork. It is desirable that the color of the ceiling is as close as possible to white. It is not recommended to use friezes and panels. To decorate the ceiling suitable stretch fabrics, plaster, paint. Intricate design in this case is not welcome.

Windows, doors

It's great if the apartment has large windows. Scandinavian interior does not accept massive curtains, which prevent the penetration of light and air into the room. It is best to focus on transparent light curtains, creating in the rooms an atmosphere of freedom and weightlessness. The ideal fabric is muslin. However, you can consider other options: blinds, muslin and so on. Also it is advisable not to overload the sills with flower pots and decor.

The interior of the apartment in the Scandinavian style does not at all imply the presence of interior doors. Ideally, if the space is organized by the type of studio. If you can not get rid of the doors, it is advisable to paint the products in the color that the walls have. Thanks to this, they will merge with them, which will help to avoid overloading the space.

About choosing furniture

The main rule, which should be adhered to when choosing furniture, says: it should be small. Viking style has many similarities with minimalism. Both directions make maximum emphasis on practicality and functionality. For example, when choosing furniture for the living room, you can confine yourself to a soft corner, a closet and a coffee table.

If an interior is created in the Scandinavian style of a one-room apartment, multifunctional furniture is welcomed. Say, armchairs and sofas, if necessary, turn into beds, tables can easily be folded and unfolded, performing various functions. When buying furniture, it is best to give preference to products with a laconic design. The northern interior loves the simplicity of lines, the absence of an elaborate decor. Organically fit into this direction wicker products.

Correct decor

Decor, like furniture, should not be much. However, this does not mean that accessories can not be bright. On the contrary, with their help often placed color accents, animating the room, which without them seems unnecessarily cool. You can use colorful cushions, prefer a variegated carpet. In addition, large vases are welcome.

An integral part of the Scandinavian interior are open shelves and niches. They are used to arrange a variety of figurines and vases, elegant dishes. Also, one should not forget about family photos that can frame bright frames. Interior comfort will be created by products made of ceramics and clay. Glass is welcome, reflecting the light and making the interior airy. From it can be made vases, shelves. Do not give up on the paintings. However, preference is best given to paintings with drawings devoted to the marine theme. Of course, mirrors are also welcome, on which the same function is assigned, as well as on the glass elements of the decor.

"Chip" of the Scandinavian interior

An increasing number of our compatriots choose the Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment. Russia - a country in which the design in the spirit of the Vikings experienced some changes, gained its own "chips". For example, it is considered fashionable for us to choose a decor to use a large number of fresh flowers. Traditionally, preference is given to large pots and vases, which can not only decorate shelves and tables, but also be installed on the floor. It is desirable that the products are made in light colors, while the flowers can be almost any shade.

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