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Exercise for prostatitis and prostate adenoma. Complex of exercises with prostatitis

Prostatitis, prostate adenoma is a male disease. Doctors state: in recent years, men complaining of this ailment are becoming more and more. What do these diseases mean? And how to help yourself?

Prostatitis and prostate adenoma - what's the difference?

Prostatitis is a disease that can not be avoided. With this diagnosis, the prostate gland suffers . This organ is inflamed and swollen. The first unpleasant bell is a painful urination. If the disease is started, eventually it will lead to problems with erection and can provoke prostate adenoma. And this is the formation of a benign tumor.

Treatment is carried out by such methods: surgery, medication, physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises. Exercise with prostatitis and adenoma is very effective. The purpose of this method of recovery is to improve the work of the prostate by increasing the flow of blood to this organ and saturation with oxygen. Stagnant processes in the pelvic organs, lack of oxygen, inflammatory phenomena - the causes of malfunction in the prostate gland.

Benefit from exercise therapy

The fact that healing with the help of physiotherapy exercises is very effective in combating diseases has been proved for a long time. Exercises aimed at a certain group of muscles for the purpose of recovery are not only a good preventive measure, but also an effective tool in the fight against the disease itself.

Exercise with prostatitis helps relieve pain by increasing the blood flow to the diseased organ. It is important to know that the treatment complex should be developed by a specialist, and classes should be started only after consulting a doctor. For maximum results it is very important to do all the exercises correctly, if possible under the supervision of the coach.

What you need to know when performing an exercise with prostatitis

Physical therapy can greatly accelerate recovery. It is only necessary to consider that performing exercises is only part of the overall course of treatment. Correctly selected complex will exclude exacerbations, protect against deterioration of the patient.

Even ordinary morning exercises, walks in the fresh air, running or swimming will have a beneficial effect on the body. It is important only to perform all exercises dosed, avoiding muscle strain.

During an exacerbation of a chronic prostatitis all loadings are forbidden. In this period Exercise with prostatitis It should be replaced by relaxing procedures that are performed at rest.

How do I start doing exercise therapy?

The very first thing is motivation, clear self-programming for health improvement.

Having made the decision to be engaged, you will make the first step on a way to health.

In order not to harm yourself, do not rely only on the literature read, only the specialist should determine what exercise with the prostatitis will be most effective for you.

Armed with certain knowledge, worry about the form for classes. It should be comfortable and not hampering your movements. To arrange space for charging, get a special rug on which you will be engaged.

Exercise for prostatitis It is difficult to perform for an unprepared person. Pass smoothly from simple to more complex. If some exercise you can not master, leave it and do not follow it. Do what works well for you, increasing the load gradually.

Effective complex of exercises with prostatitis

The main task of this complex is to eliminate stagnant phenomena in the pelvic area.

So, the first exercise is to draw in the belly. Standing up straight and lowering your hands, you should take a deep breath, strongly sticking out your stomach. After a 20 second pause, the stomach is retracted with effort. Having practiced, the exercise is performed not only while standing, but also in a sitting and lying position.

What exercises to do with prostatitis to get the maximum effect? Very effective will be jumping. Jump should be in height, until you feel fatigue. You should try to do at least 100 jumps a day.

Familiarity with childhood turns and slopes are also very effective in combating prostatitis. This exercise consists of turns in different directions. The final stage - the slopes in different directions. Exercise will benefit if you perform all actions to the limit at least 100 times.

Walking on the buttocks is done as follows: sitting on the floor and bending your legs before you, you just need to start moving. You should move without the help of your hands, completely straightening your back. Discomfort in the gluteal region is a sign that the exercise is being performed correctly.

It is important to breathe properly while charging. After a slow, deep breath through the nose must necessarily pause. After a short delay in breathing, the air through the mouth should be exhaled. The time delay of breathing between inspiration and exhalation should be gradually increased.

Additional exercises for recovery

Reducing the muscles of the anus is an excellent way to bring the organs of the small pelvis into order. It would seem that there is nothing complicated. But still for many this exercise seems difficult because of the weakened muscles of the anus. Try to stretch and relax these muscles at least 30 times. Over time, you will notice an improvement in your condition. After training, try to perform this exercise in cycles of 30 times several times a day. The excellence is that such physical education can be done discreetly in any situation, at a time convenient for you.

The contrast shower for the perineal region is also very useful, it perfectly removes the sensation of pain, affecting the prostate gland. The temperature of the water jet must be changed: first it must be hot water, the next stage - cool water. The procedure itself should last a few minutes.

The muscle tension necessary for the qualitative work of the prostate gland can be ensured during the delay of urination. This procedure must be performed at every opportunity, deliberately stopping the effort of your muscles with the act of urinating. This procedure very well improves the blood supply to the prostate.

Perineal massage is one of the main ways of treatment

Massage refers to the most common method of healing. The only condition for such treatment is that the procedure should be performed by a specialist, a urologist. Unfortunately, it's impossible to do such a procedure on your own without having certain knowledge.

There are two ways of massage: transrectal and external. In the first case, prostate massage is done through the rectum. In the second - through the perineal region, between the anus and the scrotum. An important role here is played by anatomical knowledge about the location of the prostate gland.

Exercises for the treatment of prostatitis and prostate adenoma will only benefit with regular sessions and strict observance of all medical prescriptions.

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