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Is the incubation period of tuberculosis dangerous?

Often, most diseases with one name can cause a person a real panic. Such diseases include tuberculosis, which a little more than a century ago is considered a fatal and incurable disease, like the plague. Considering the clinical picture of the disease, it is worth noting that the incubation period of tuberculosis can be very heterogeneous. In essence, such a diagnosis indicates the presence of an infectious process in the body, caused by the relevant bacteria. Most often these bacteria affect the respiratory system, and the disease itself is most common among men of mature age. Infection occurs usually through the respiratory system, less often tuberculosis, the incubation period of which can reach five years, enters the body through the digestive system, in particular, as a result of eating dairy products containing Koch sticks.

It is worth noting that it is almost impossible to diagnose the disease at home at the first stages of infection. This is due to the fact that the incubation period of tuberculosis in adults and most children is practically asymptomatic. In medical conditions, the diagnosis is carried out using fluorography and radiography, which will reveal the affected parts of the respiratory tract. Moreover, even during the incubation period of tuberculosis, special molecular and genetic analyzes will help to detect the presence of the disease, as well as the Mantoux reaction, which should be performed annually in childhood. In addition, the study of different tissues of the patient and a number of other examinations that can detect the presence of infection in the body.

On average, the incubation period of tuberculosis can last for three to twelve weeks. In some cases, the disease may not manifest itself in any way for several years, and then take upwards over the patient in a rather acute form. However, there are some signs that should prompt you immediately to see a doctor, as they may indicate that you have such a diagnosis. In particular, these symptoms include a strong cough with sputum discharge, often containing blood, sudden and causeless loss of body weight, increased weakness and the presence of high temperature, which does not stray when taking certain measures aimed at eliminating the suspected virus in the body. In addition to the fact that the incubation period of tuberculosis is of a certain duration, treatment of this disease will also be substantially prolonged. On average, treatment can take about six months of regular use of special medicines. At the same time, the process of taking medications should be carried out under the strict supervision of specialists. Do not forget that the infection is transmitted by airborne droplets, respectively, the patient undergoing treatment for this disease, poses a danger to the people around him.

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