How to set up "Bandicam" to record the game: detailed instructions

Sometimes, when a person gets acquainted with a new program, he does not understand how to work in it, especially if the interface is very unfriendly. Of course, as for the latter, in Bandicam this is not so, but everything else concerns every novice who decided to try to record video from the monitor of his computer.

In this article, we'll talk about how to properly configure "Bandicam" for recording games. We will analyze the settings for both video and audio, and we will also explain in detail all the instructions for properly tuning the program so that in the future, after shooting the video, only qualitatively the footage obtained.

Where to download the program to your computer

Not every person knows that a huge number of viruses are posted daily on the Internet, which, theoretically, you can download to your computer, thereby infecting it. If you still do not understand what is at issue, then everything is simple. The thing is that "Bandicam" needs to be downloaded exclusively from the official website of the developer and do not trust unreliable sources.

Absolutely every attacker can download the program to himself, then change it, inserting the virus, and put it back online, the more likely the article will be with the subtitle "Download" to Bandits "absolutely free", so that the gullible consumer immediately rushes to the bait.

Of course, from the official site the downloaded version of "Bandicam" will be a demo, and you will get, so to speak, not a full product, but we advise you to buy the program, so as not to expose your computer to infection with malicious software.

After we have indicated where exactly to download the program, you can go on to the story of how to set up "Bandicam" for recording games.

Video setup

To customize the video in the "Bandicam" program, you do not need to take the course of the program, especially if you have before our eyes our instruction. Now we will look in detail how to adjust the video, so that in just a few minutes you can start shooting from your monitor.

So, all you need is:

  1. After opening the program, go to the FPS tab, which is located in the sidebar on the left.
  2. In the FPS overlay menu, mark the item "Position on the screen" and in the icon on the right indicate where the frame rate indicator will be located. It is necessary that during recording you track how many frames per second are currently recorded.
  3. In the FPS Restrictions menu, select the "Set Restriction" item and enter a value from 30 to 60 in the form on the right. If you are not sure about the power of your computer, install 30 FPS, this will greatly increase its performance.

In general, this is all that needs to be done to customize the video, now you have a little more information on how to set up "Bandicam" for recording games, but that's not all.

Sound settings

Now we'll figure out how to set up a sound in Bandicama so that you can record not only the video.

Sound is an integral part of video recording, only after downloading the program it has the option of recording the system sound by default. Now we will just figure out how to fix it.

To enable sound recording, you will need:

  1. Enter the recording settings. To do this, go to the "Videos" tab on the main screen of the program and click the corresponding "Settings" button in the "Record" column.
  2. In the window that appears after that, check the box next to "Record sound."
  3. In the field where you want to select the main device, specify the name of your speakers.
  4. In the field where additional devices are specified, specify the name of the microphone (if you want to record your voice).

Now you know almost everything about how to set up "Bandicam" for recording games. But that is not all.

Improvement of quality

Now let's talk about how to improve the quality of audio and video recording. To do this, you only need to raise all the indicators to the maximum mark.

  1. Enter the format settings.
  2. Put the format of the AVI file.
  3. Specify the full size in the "Size" field.
  4. Specify 60 FPS.
  5. Specify a quality of 100.
  6. Raise the bitrate to the maximum value.
  7. Increase the frequency value to maximum.

Now you know all about how to set up "Bandicam" for recording games, you can safely start recording.

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