How to flash PSP: three ways to solve

The firmware is the basic software included in the operating system of the device. In this case we are talking about the game consoles PSP. However, the term "firmware" is also applicable to the description of other technical devices, for example, mobile phones.

What is necessary and what does this software provide? The devices released for sale already have a version of the firmware installed by the manufacturer. But in most cases, owners have the opportunity to change it. This is done in order to gain access to the launch of new versions of games and applications.

How to flash a PSP: three available options

Time does not stand still, and firmware, just like gaming devices, quickly become obsolete. Therefore, at some point, almost every console owner is guaranteed to ask how to flash the PSP. Let's consider several ways to accomplish this task.

One of the most reliable options should be referred to the appeal to professionals. In the electronics markets, you will reflash the console quickly and reliably, maximum for an hour and a half. In the end, people earn money on this, and therefore it is profitable for them to do their job well. The likelihood of a successful outcome for the PSP itself after flashing here is close to one hundred percent.

In addition, if you are lucky and you have a friend who understands the software, you can turn to him for help. Especially if he already has a stitched console. Probably, for a small reward or just out of interest, a friend will try to solve your problem. But here one must be confident in man, since a favorable outcome will depend solely on his knowledge.

The third way takes the top lines for popularity, but there is no reason to expect a guaranteed favorable outcome. On the contrary, it is in this case that the owners face the greatest number of difficulties. And all because the question, how to PSP flash, trying to decide on their own. Often - without the necessary basic knowledge and skills. Let us dwell on this variant.

So, how to flush the PSP

First, not all gaming consoles are suitable for flashing. These include PSP Go or, for example, PSP 3000. For the latter in some cases, a virtual installation of software is suitable , but this option is not always available. And it depends, first of all, on the current firmware version. You can find out this version through "settings", then "system settings" and "information about the software". If there are numbers from 1.50 to 3.97 inclusive, then firmware is possible. In the remaining versions, starting with 4.01, you will have to act in a virtual way. But the figure above 5.03 does not bode well; Means that it will not be possible to flash such a console.

Now let's go directly to the most problematic model. How to flash the PSP 3000.

First you need to find the Internet and download the firmware called ChickHEN. Remember that one of the distributed versions has been unviable for a long time, and you need one that has the R2 label. It is also necessary to update the console with the help of the official firmware. To do this, download version 5.03 and rename the file to "EBOOT.PBP". Then you need to move it to the device's memory card in the X: / PSP / GAME / UPDATE / section. You will only have to start the console and through the "Game" directory, then "Memory Stick" to start the update.

If the device software has already reached the required version, an update is not required. Then you can immediately go to the installation firmware ChickHEN. First, connect the device to the computer via USB, then find the downloaded file and run the installation. Now you need to open the PSP through the computer and go to the "Photos" section. Scroll to the end and wait for the installation to complete. Remember that the first time is not always. Often the console hangs or turns off, then you have to try again.

If everything goes right, the software version will change to 5.03 ChickHEN R2. As already mentioned above, it should be viewed in one of the sections "Settings". Now you can install other open firmware versions on the device. Detailed instructions are usually delivered to each separately. Here, perhaps, that's all. Now you know how to flash the PSP yourself, and you can at your own risk and try to do it.

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