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Tour operator "Pegasus" has suspended its activities. "Pegasus" changes the rules of work with new travel agencies

For sure, those who are vacationing abroad know such a tourist operator as Pegas Touristik. On the forums about him you can find a lot of conflicting reviews. And it's not surprising: the company employs several tens of thousands of people. The human factor still has not been canceled. Recently, you can often hear the phrase that the tour operator "Pegasus" has suspended its activities. But the truth is this or another rumor, we will try to find out in the article.

Interesting facts about the tour operator

Recently, among avid tourists, one can often hear the phrase that the Pegasus tour operator has suspended its activities because of the threat of bankruptcy. Before making such conclusions, it is worthwhile to figure out where the company comes from, what its capital is, and what countries offer tours.

Tour operator "Pegas Touristik" was introduced in the Russian market in 1994. The owner of the company is an influential Turk, who previously had experience in conducting tourism business. From the very beginning, Pegasus has established itself as a reliable partner, providing quality services.

At the moment, the company's offices are in Ukraine, in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Georgia. The choice of countries for recreation is huge. The main areas are still Turkey, Egypt, Goa, Greece. Every year the company adds and opens new routes for tourists.

In 2004, the management decided to purchase the air carrier Nordwind Airlines. Now there are 29 boards in the company's arsenal. Also has its own hotel chain in Egypt, Turkey and Thailand.

From this information the conclusion suggests: the news that the Pegasus tour operator has suspended its activities is just rumors and, possibly, the intrigues of competitors.

Individual tour package - we use a new service

Tourists with special requests operator "Pegas Touristik" offers individual tours. The FIT program is designed to meet the requirements of holidaymakers from the transfer to the rest of the hotels in different continents.

There are nuances that you need to know about when booking such tours:

  • You can calculate such a holiday yourself or with the help of the company's managers.

  • A contract with the operator is required for this service.

  • The cost of services can change on holidays.

  • Individual FIT tour can be booked online.

  • Payment is made only in a non-cash way.

If you want to make a fairy tale out of your rest, do not be afraid to tell your agent about it. With the help of the operator "Pegas Touristik" dreams become reality.

Pay attention to the new terms of the contract

It is worth noting that since September, Pegasus has changed the rules for working with new travel agencies. Now the guarantor should be either the director or the owner of the firm, that is, a physical, and not a legal entity. In this case, people who have undertaken such duties will personally be responsible for all the defects, if they arise. And in the financial plan can lose not only business, but also property.

In other words, Pegas Tourist requires financial guarantees from agencies. For these purposes, a decent amount of deposit (100,000 rubles), sent to the company's accounts, will work. Many directors insist that this is all very strange, especially since other operators have not announced such changes.

In addition, agencies need to provide full information about their activities: office photos, lease of premises, certificate, license and other documents.

Another point touched the booking. Now the status of the application will not be confirmed until the full payment is received on the account. The same applies to early booking tours. The status of the application can be checked only in your account.

The question is logical: "Why are difficulties with Pegas Touristik?" The answer is given by the CEO of the company. She assures that this is a necessary step in the difficult situation that has developed in the tourism market. It is necessary to distribute financial insurance risks between tour operators and agencies.

Can I cancel the tour?

Another important point of changes in the treaty, which I would like to draw attention to is the refusal of the tour. If earlier it was possible to postpone or postpone the trip, canceling the application, paying a minimum fine or completely avoiding it, now the conditions have radically changed. The figures shock. In different situations, the tourist incurs losses in the amount of 10 to 100%, depending on how many days prior to the commencement of the trip the cancellation has been made.

Riot of Volgograd travel companies

In connection with the changes in the terms of the contract, the appeal of the travel agencies of Volgograd to "Pegasus" arose. About 40 firms wrote a collective letter with a request to review the items of the agreement. In their opinion, the operator wants to cover its financial risks, increase profits and solve monetary problems with the help of conventional travel agencies.

In addition, the partners are dissatisfied with the financial guarantee of the operator and believe that the amount stated and recorded in the agreement "Pegas Touristik" is not enough.

It is also outrageous that such conditions are not imposed on all agencies. There are "pets" who have not been affected by these changes.

Reviews of tourists about the company

The opinions of tourists about the tour operator "Pegasus" are quite contradictory. Complaints arise, as a rule, on guides and transfermen who do not always behave correctly. In all other respects, the company has proved itself on the positive side. Resorts and the best hotels from the tour operator "Pegasus" are very popular. Pricing policy pleases. Everyone can choose the rest by their wallet.

Separately I want to mention the managers working in the offices. Polite communication, knowledge of information, willingness to help in difficult situations with problem tourists - their main difference.

Having become acquainted with the activities of this company, you can safely answer: rumors that the tour operator "Pegasus" has suspended its activities, are another "duck". Offices still work, tours are sold, charters fly, hotels are booked. There are no grounds for concern.

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