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Currently, one of the most popular devices is the iPad, which is manufactured by Apple. But not only the internal arrangement of the equipment makes it so popular. This is important and unique software part of the device. Very often in a variety of forums, users advise each other useful programs for the iPad, which can be downloaded and installed. Among them there are several utilities.

The choice of software, in the first place, depends on the purpose for which the mobile device is used. To read the news, you can install the following programs:

  1. Reeder - program for the iPad, which allows you to view the newsline. Possessing a large number of advantages, it almost completely supports the functionality of Google Reader. There is an opportunity to mark favorite articles with an asterisk, share information and much more. A very useful thing that will suit fans to read the feeds with news reviews.
  2. FlipBoard. This program is a colorful magazine in which you can view tweets or news from Facebook. Great for fans of a variety of blogs and social networks.
  3. Zite. This utility appeared not so long ago, but it can already be safely attributed to the category "Useful software for the iPad." In this tool, the user will be able to view only those news that are interesting to him. The program selects them by itself, by viewing and accounting for those articles that are most often opened by the user.

No less often, users tend to go to a social network or to a portal where blogs / diaries can be read. In this case, the most useful programs for the iPad are:

  1. Friendly. Excellent for those users who very often look in the social network Facebook. The functionality of the program includes reading news feeds, displaying status changes, adding images, etc. The utility can be accessed both in the free version and in the paid version.
  2. Twitter. This program is necessary for reading and maintaining micro-blogs. Having an interesting interface, the utility has managed to gain popularity among users.
  3. Classmates. A utility that allows users to visit a popular social network. It can not be considered ideal, but it copes well with the tasks set.

Often the device is used to read e-books. For these purposes, you can use the following useful programs for the iPad:

  1. IBooks. The program was created mainly in order to read e-books. With the help of the utility you can even download the edition or buy it. To buy a book using the program, you must have an American account, since in the Russian version this function does not work at present.
  2. Kindle. Compared with the previous program, this utility is weaker. But still you can use it.

The category "Useful software for iPad" includes a large number of various utilities. Of course, it is simply impossible to describe each of them! With due zeal, you will certainly find what you need!

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