How to remove the page number from the title page in different versions of the Word

The popular Word application provides many useful features that make it easy to type and format text. And automatic numbering is one of the most useful, necessary for each user. However, quite often there are situations in which you need to know how to remove the page number from the title page. Students of higher educational institutions are most interested in this, since according to generally accepted standards all scientific works should contain the main, title page, on which its serial number should not be displayed. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with popular ways to solve this problem in different versions of this text editor.

How to remove a page number from a title page in Word 2003

In order for the page number not to be displayed in the document, Word 2003 suggests switching to the "Insert" - "Page Numbers" section, where you just need to remove the checkmark next to the "First Page Number" field. The solution is quite simple and convenient, but the algorithm of its operation has been changed in newer versions, therefore it is necessary to get acquainted with how it occurs in the Vord application, starting from 2007.

How to remove the page number from the title page of Word 2007

The easiest way is to double click on the already installed number. As a result, the section "Headers" - "Layout" will be available at the top of the main toolbar. It can also be called the "Constructor", depending on the version of the program. There you should pay attention to the line "Special footer for the first ...". If you tick the box next to this field, then, accordingly, on the title page, the number will be displayed.

How to remove the page number from the title page. Universal way

This option is suitable for all versions, since it uses the parameters of the Word page to achieve the goal. It should be noted that in the same way you can achieve the desired result in many other applications for working with text, so it will not be superfluous to master it. Moreover, the method is very simple and does not require any special knowledge. To begin with, simply double-click the ruler that surrounds the window with the document. You can also use the main toolbar by selecting "File" and then "Page Settings" in the Word. In the window that opens, go to the "Paper Source" tab and pay attention to the "Distinguish Header and Footer" field. To delete a number from the first sheet of the document, it is enough just to check the point on the first page.

Additional Information

All described actions are suitable for those cases when the title page is assigned the value "1", then the next page is "2" and so on. But sometimes it is required that the next for the title page start with "1". In such cases, open the View menu - Headers and Footers. For 2003 - "Insert" - "Page numbers". Then go to the section "Format number ...", where there is a field "Start with ...". To achieve this goal, it is enough to put the number "0" in this cell. Thus, the Word will be considered the title zero page, the number, respectively, will not be displayed, the next sheet will receive "1" and so on.

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