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I know the dream: what does a shit dream about?

Hello, friends! We have a delicate topic today. This is not customary to say in society, but sometimes it is necessary. We will talk about feces, but not in the elevator or under the windows of the house, but ... in a dream! Yes, you are absolutly right! Today we will look at what the shit is dreaming about!

General interpretation

See in a dream of human feces - to raise their financial level. Such a dream promises you well-being in the implementation of any plans related to cash costs. Many people wonder what the turd does on the field or on the farm. Usually, such dreams promise a good harvest to the villagers! Indeed, it is not for nothing that cow manure is the best soil fertilizer. And now let's take a closer look at the variants of the interpretations offered in various dream books.

Big Miller's dream book: what's the dream of poop

American psychologist Gustav Miller, who lived at the end of the 19th century, says only good things about the dreamed feces. He argues that dreams in which we see our own feces foreshadow profits, financial incomes, a solid inheritance. Why do you dream of children's turd? To pleasant and unexpected surprises: for women - for the birth of a child, for men - for a solid position in society, for elderly people who have their own garden plots - for a rich harvest!

What does the turd in Freud's interpretation dream about?

Sigmund Freud, in his inherent manner, explains dreams in which human feces predominate, as a further dirty and dissolute life. Perhaps, some distant relative or an acquaintance of the opposite sex will show up, who will start digging into your "dirty underwear", sniffing out any compromising materials. Prostitutes who dream of guano, Freud recommends that you think about the meaning of your life and "tie" with your activities. Otherwise, such women will never get out of the vicious circle.

One of the unusual interpretations of Freud tells us that children's feces are dreamed of latent pedophiles. According to him, such men need to reflect on the meaning of their existence and, if necessary, turn to the psychologists for advice, because it is always better to be vigilant.

What does the turd dream about in Medea's interpretation?

Feces are the greatest concentration of human experience in a particular sphere, as well as its cognition and character traits.

  1. If you see a violation of your chair in a dream - you are expected to have any difficulties.
  2. If your feces are watery, then in life your achievements and rewards will not be recognized by anyone.
  3. The conjecture says that people in a conservative warehouse often suffer from constipation in their sleep.
  4. If you are in a dream defecating in an uncomfortable place for you, then keep in mind that your authoritative opinion, your cooperation and your professional experience can be completely rejected.
  5. If you are dreaming about how you view your own pile of excrement, then safely apply this or that accumulated experience in life to earn universal respect. Otherwise, you can delay. In the future, you will not be able to prove anything to anyone.

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