How to charge the laptop correctly

Laptop users often have a very important question about how to properly use a laptop battery. Of course, this is due to the fact that portability is the main feature of these computers. To put it more simply, people buy a laptop in order to always have the opportunity to work with office applications and visit their favorite websites. And even where there is no outlet on hand. That is why it is so important to ask how to properly charge the laptop so that the battery charge lasts for a long time. And in many respects the period when the device will work, depends on the decision of a question how correctly to charge the laptop battery.

All modern batteries that are used on laptops are lithium-ion. From other classes, these batteries differ in that they lack the "memory effect". The presence of this effect in old batteries led to the fact that the main thing in deciding how to properly charge the laptop was a complete discharge. Otherwise, the battery could be damaged, which led to the need to purchase a new computer. Therefore, if there is a problem, how to properly charge the laptop battery , it is important to know what class it belongs to. If the battery is lithium-ion, this means that, first of all, it should not be allowed to completely discharge it. Completely discharging such a battery can lead to its failure. Therefore, as soon as the charge level has reached five or ten percent, it is necessary to start recharging. Important in determining how to properly charge a laptop, is also the following condition. It is best to charge the battery when the computer is off. First, it will allow you to charge it much faster than when the computer is turned on. Secondly, this will preserve the battery capacity. It is important to take into account that the battery capacity decreases with time, on average by one percent per month. Therefore, the "older" the laptop, the more careful it should be to handle its battery.

Two important questions that can arise when solving a problem, how to properly charge a laptop, are the following. First, how to use a computer battery, if it is supposed that most of the time it will work from the network. In this case, experts advise removing the battery from the laptop, as this will save its capacity. At the same time, the battery charge level should be fifty percent. If you store a battery with a full charge, it can significantly reduce its capacity. Secondly, how to use the battery to increase the working time of the laptop. This question can not be given a universal answer. Because the battery life may depend on various factors. However, there are general recommendations that will at least partly solve this problem. First of all, it is necessary to adjust the optimal power consumption mode with the built-in functions of the operating system installed on the laptop. All modern operating systems provide for the possibility of using special modes on computers. The peculiarity of these modes is that when working on the battery, some non-essential functions are automatically turned off, which can significantly save the charge. For example, in some cases, the optical disc drive is turned off. In addition, the brightness of the screen can be automatically reduced, because it is absolutely not a secret that it is the laptop screen that "eats" the battery discharge the most. Using these simple tips, you can significantly extend the battery life.

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