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Natural and effective dietary supplements to increase potency in men

Biologically active additives - drugs, whose composition is covered in the name, because for production components of vegetable and animal origin are used.

What is BAD?

Supplements are not considered medical means, they are increasingly referred to food, but do not underestimate the importance and benefits of these supplements. Getting into the body, they make up a supply of vital bacteria and help the beneficial substances obtained from food to be better absorbed.

The pharmaceutical market is saturated with similar drugs and offers drugs to increase potency in men. Supplements among them occupy leading positions. Experienced doctors believe that their use is rational in combination with the treatment of diseases of the reproductive system in men. Stimulation of erection and sperm production positively affects the dynamics of recovery.

Natural composition

Correctly selected natural composition of dietary supplements will please you with result. Ingredients of additives were used many millennia ago and tested by time and a lot of men. Usually extracts and juices of medicinal and tonic herbs, products of vital activity of animals and insects are used. BADs to increase potency in the male population mainly contain the following components.

What components contain dietary supplements for potency?

  • Amino acid L-carnitine. Strengthens the oxidation of fatty acids, which increases the burning of fatty tissue, lowers cholesterol, increases endurance of the heart, physical and intellectual endurance, relieves the symptoms of chronic fatigue and stress.
  • Red ginseng. It improves blood circulation, restores strength, calms, increases spleen functions, removes toxins from the body. Affects the proper operation of the heart muscle, the endocrine system. Normalizes the hormonal background. Is a natural aphrodisiac.
  • Coenzyme Q-10. Increases immunity, slows down the aging process in the body, is a strong antioxidant, removes free radicals, promotes the production of elastane and collagen, stimulates the production of energy at the cellular level.
  • Fish fat. It improves the metabolism, reduces the risk of thrombosis, accelerates the recovery processes in the body, normalizes blood pressure, is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Vitamin E. Ensures the proper functioning of the whole organism: normalizes the hormonal background, participates in the work of the nervous system, helps to transfer strong physical loads, prevents the development of inflammatory processes.
  • Quercetin . Has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect, prevents the appearance of vascular plaques.
  • Zinc. Participates in puberty. Responsible for the presence of sex hormones. Participates in the synthesis of proteins, increases resistance to viruses and infections. Provides prostate health. Affects the quality and activity of spermatozoa.
  • With Palmetto. Normalizes the function of the prostate gland, relieves inflammation, provides the production of male hormone: dihydrotestero, positively affects the work of the urinary system.

Very popular at present natural dietary supplements for men. For potency, they are indisputably useful, but their reception will not allow for an instant result. BAA is not a panacea for male diseases, but it will be a good assistant in the gradual restoration of erectile function and an additional drug in the fight against infectious diseases.

Pros and cons of dietary supplements

For a long time already successfully applied BAA to increase potency in men. Feedback testifies to the effectiveness of such drugs, but it is worth knowing not only the positive properties of drugs, but also negative ones. So in what cases, biologically active supplements do not bring the desired benefits?

Admission without prescribing a doctor

Despite the fact that dietary supplements are not a medicine, before using them, it is worth consulting with a specialist and determining the real cause of your concern. After all, reducing the potency can be associated not only with fatigue or a lack of vitamins, the cause can be much deeper. Neurological diseases, psychological trauma, thyroid problems, malnutrition - these are just some of the reasons that directly affect the potency in men. If you take dietary supplements to increase potency in men without the advice of a doctor, most likely, the result will not be worthy.

Reception for other purposes

Often, men, not wanting to waste time and money for serious treatment, replace the use of expensive drugs BAD. Such a substitution will not only not produce the desired result, but will also exacerbate health problems. Use dietary supplements for male potency as an additional therapy, then the desired result will become a reality.

The danger of buying a fake

Unfair producers often replace the natural, natural components of the drug sildenafil, which allows you to achieve a sharp increase in potency for a certain period. In this case, natural plant extracts and whey are indicated in the composition. It is important to remember that an instant result, as a rule, does not work if you take a dietary supplement to increase the potency in men. Reviews, by the way, this is confirmed. Their action is cumulative. Male power returns in proportion to the process of filling the lack of any substances in the body.

Advantages of dietary supplements

Asking the question "what is useful for potency?", It is worth knowing about the positive effects of dietary supplements. Despite the fears and warnings, it makes sense to think about taking dietary supplements, because the positive aspects are not less:

  1. Good result. With the right and timely intake of natural supplements to increase the potency of the result will not keep you waiting. Confidence will return to you.
  2. Low price. The low price of natural ingredients and the lack of licensing of dietary supplements in Russia, do not allow producers to raise the cost. Manufacturers who value their reputation and want to attract customers, conduct voluntary certification and licensing of their products.
  3. Availability. To buy dietary supplements to increase potency in the strong half of humanity can be not only in the pharmacy, as well as in a regular store and distributors. To buy, you do not need a prescription.
  4. Possible preventive reception. Studies have shown that taking dietary supplements is possible to prevent and prevent many diseases of the urinary system. The natural composition not only restores male self-confidence, but also adds vitality and energy, will help to calm the nervous system.
  5. Gradual action. The course of taking dietary supplements varies from several months to six months and the result from their action is not instantaneous. This allows the body to produce the recovery process gradually, without stress for itself.

It's hard not to notice that all the drawbacks of additives are easily turned into advantages if you follow the doctor's prescriptions and the rules of taking medications. Do not forget that increasing and restoring the potency leads to an increase in the intensity of the urinary system and the heart, so before using it is important to consult a specialist, take into account the presence of chronic diseases and the possibility of side effects.

BAD for increasing potency in men: a rating

Looking at the counter of "male drugs", anyone is confused by the variety of tools offered and the price range. How not to be mistaken, not cheap and choose a good dietary supplements? Active advertising and bright packaging often predetermine the choice of the buyer, but do not always believe your eyes.

Long-term experience and experience of patients allowed experts to make a rating of the most effective dietary supplements on the market, after all, despite possible shortcomings, a very good effect gives BAD for increasing potency in men. The names of the most popular drugs of this kind are listed below.

Featured Supplements

  1. "Yohimbine." A vegetable alkaloid is an aphrodisiac from a yohimbe plant. Increases libido and physical activity. Has a stimulating effect and has the effect of an antidepressant. There are a number of side effects: dizziness, headache, blood pressure jumps.
  2. "The golden horse". It consists of an extract of seahorse, ginseng root, soybean leaf, staminate orthosiphon and kedzhibelinga. Eliminates sexual dysfunction and allows you to cope with urolithiasis. Does not contain hormones. Is an aphrodisiac. At reception it is possible to change the color of urine to green and blue.
  3. "Red root". Penny root extract. It has a general strengthening effect, has anti-inflammatory and tonic properties. Increases endurance, eliminates stagnation in the prostate. Increases sexual activity.
  4. The "Impaza". One of the most popular dietary supplements. It increases stress resistance, physical activity and libido. Reduces fatigue. Increases erectile function.
  5. "Yarsa Gumba". A complex of nutrients on the basis of the Tibetan fungus parasitizing on the larvae of the fine-worm. Used immediately before intercourse. Validity period - 2-3 hours. Strengthens the physical condition, soothes the nervous system, increases immunity. Increases sensitivity. Stimulates a burst of strength and energy.
  6. Organizec. Consists of fruits of Chinese deregus, tomato seeds, wild sweet potato tuber extract, licorice root, ginseng root, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, garlic, red raspberry. Has a long period of action, which helps for potency, while BAA helps to enhance and prolong the sensations. Has a low price. There are side effects: the appearance of insomnia, overexcitation, allergic reactions to the components of the drug.
  7. "Tenteks forte." Natural potency regulator. Has a stimulating, tonic and androgenic effect. At reception allergic reactions and rising of arterial pressure are possible or probable, and also pains in a stomach are possible.
  8. "Sealex forte." Improves blood filling of the penis, restores erectile function, enhances sensations. The main component is the dry extract of yohimbe root. There may be an allergic reaction.
  9. "Tongat Ali Platinum". The following components are included: the root of euricom, royal jelly, the root of ginseng. Increases the hormonal background of men. Strengthens an erection. Restores the potency. Can be taken together with alcohol, is not addictive.
  10. "Parity". Includes: root extract of Euricom, yohimbe extract, rhizome of ginger, zinc oxide, vitamin E. Normalizes the function of the male genital glands. Strengthens the flow of blood, tones, normalizes the potency. There may be allergic reactions.

How to choose a dietary supplements?

So, we examined the most popular dietary supplements to increase the potency in men. Which one to choose for you? The choice of a drug is a subjective opinion that can be challenged. Perhaps your doctor has a different opinion about the choice of dietary supplements. Take this responsibly and carefully listen to your body and your doctor. Find the main problem of the violation of potency and solve it from within, not giving a chance for the return of the disease, that's the main task.

When choosing a drug to improve the erection and restore the potency, give preference to natural biological supplements, because the unique composition and strength of natural components can not be compared to any artificially obtained substance.

Do not forget that a quick action, most likely, indicates components that are not claimed in the composition. Supplements for increasing potency in the male part of the population should be drunk by courses that are calculated, as a rule, for several months. Any treatment should be smooth and gradual, so that the remaining systems of the organism have time to adjust.


The problem of potency violation is old as the world and every people has its own unique prescription for the treatment and prevention of this disease. Long-term experience of ancestors was taken into account by modern pharmacists and is embodied in the form of biologically active additives, which allow to combat erectile dysfunction without harm to health.

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