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Puff pastry dough

We hear about the harm of a lush bun, from everywhere, but we can not give it up. Especially when she is ruddy, lush, just out of the oven and spreads around the house the magic smell of vanilla or cinnamon! Well, who can refuse this?

All the housewives have their secrets, how to make a pastry dough. And in every secret there is a zest, and no matter how hard we try, we never get identical buns from two masters. As they say: one flour, yes not those handles. We will try and we will prepare a dough for pies, the recipe of which was given to me by my first teacher Valentina Taluzhina, the master pastry from the remote Urals village of Pervomaisk.

It is better to cook the dough on an opaque, which contributes to the improvement of the structure and the formation of equal-sized bubbles of gas inside the dough.

For the test, we need:

-milk 500 ml;

-wheat from 1 to 1.3 kg;

-2-3 eggs;

Dry yeast 11 grams or 50-60 grams of pressed;

Sugar 150 grams, ¾ cup;

- butter or margarine, 200 grams (one packet);


In a deep bowl we pour out the yeast and pour 500 grams of warm milk, pour half of the flour. All carefully mix and put in a warm place, covered with a clean napkin. We leave the sponge for ripening for an hour, during this time it rises and increases in size by one and a half to two times. Opara and dough for pies should not be confounded, this causes a deterioration in their quality. If the opara passes, then in the test there is a reproduction of lactic acid bacteria, and the baking gets sour taste.

When the fermentation of the gum stops and it starts to fall, at that moment it is necessary to put the baking into the dough. Eggs grind with sugar, vanillin and mix with salt, put the mixture in a spoon and gently mix. Enter the remaining flour and mix well. The last is introduced melted butter (its temperature should not exceed 30-40 degrees), add it to the dough and knead until a homogeneous mass, which is easily separated from the walls of the dishes. The dough for pies should not be steep, softer dough is easier to climb, baking from it turns out lush and delicate. Cover the dishes with a napkin and put in a warm place for one and a half to two hours. During this time, the dough will increase by a factor of two. Ready dough can be started to cut into buns or pies.

Pies made of dough is better done with sweet stuffing, for example, with jam or jam. Good in the filling fresh apples with sugar, lemon rind and cinnamon, peaches and not quite ripe plums, boiled carrots and pumpkin porridge with rice.

The filling for patties with sugar contains a large amount of juice, which flows out, burns up, and the pies have a much blackened bottom. In this case, patch pies not completely, but leave the hole and in this form put on a baking sheet. You can use a foil that will protect your baking tray from burnt sugar.

A dough for pies is used to make large pies according to the size of the baking tray. The dough is rolled into a cake of the appropriate size and laid out in a pan so that the edges of the dough are raised and form a groove in which the filling is laid out. From the top you can put the second layer of dough, with symmetrical slots and carefully protect the edges, and you can decorate the cake with flowers, leaves or a lattice made from the same test.

For the filling, any fruit with sugar, cut into small slices, that are laid out on the dough in dense rows, forming different patterns of colored fruits, will do. Cake you will get airy with a rich fruit syrup, which will stick to your fingers, that's really - you lick your fingers!

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