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How to get to the stone bowels. Description of the location and tactics of the passage

In the game World of Warcraft, there is a huge amount of dungeons in which players can have fun, while getting a bonus to the pleasure of passing excellent equipment, gold and many useful items. We will talk about one of these instances in this guide. It's about the location called the stone bowels. On how to get to this location and what awaits you inside, read on.


Once upon a time, even before the Cataclysm, the stone bowels were a sacred place for the masters of the Twilight's Hammer. It was here, according to legend, the ruthless Deathwing re-established its forces after the defeat from other aspects of the dragons of Azeroth. In this dungeon the masters strengthened his tortured body with elementary plates, which made him even more powerful. And from here he flew full of energy in order to destroy the legendary Pillar of the world, after which the subtle balance in the Underdark was shaken and the death of all Azeroth drew near.

According to legend, most of the Twilight's Hammer novices have long since left the Rock, but many fans of this sect, led by their priestess Azil, still guard the secrets and treasures of these places. The answer to the question of whether this is true, the players will receive during the study of this dungeon.

Stone bowels. How to get to the location

This dungeon is designed for a group of players, consisting of five people. The minimum level for passing is 81st. If you decide to go through the location in heroic mode, then upgrade the character to level 85. Only after that you can search for the entrance to this location. The stone interior is located in the center of the Underdark, which can be accessed through the portal in Ogrimmar or Stormwind. But this can only be done after the execution of the Hero's Appeals from message boards.

Once in the Underdark, find the Temple of the Earth - this place will become the starting point. The entrance to the dungeon is located on the same pillar, but it will be difficult to find it. The thing is that the portal to the instance is located high above the ground, you can get to it only with the help of a mount. Fly to the two columns, near which lies the stone of encounters. It is between them and is the entrance to the dungeon.

What is waiting inside?

Stone bowels are a rather complex dungeon, in which four powerful bosses live - Corbor, Kamneshkur, Ozruk, and High Priestess Azil. In addition, in each passage and cave you can meet quite strong opponents, such as Berserk, Earth-cutter, Vander, Sentry, Stone-boulder and many others. All these high-level mobs can deliver as much trouble as location bosses.

Tactics of passing bosses

The first serious opponent you will meet in the Rocky interior is Corbor, the battle with him will consist of two phases. At the first stage of the battle, inflict damage on the boss, while trying not to fall under the enemy's crystal spittle. In the second phase of the fight, Carbor will bury himself in the ground and there will be many small add-ons that need to be killed. In this case, watch for the underground movements of the boss, they are visible on a dusty plume. If he is near you, he will deal great damage or overturn your character.

The next boss of the location, Kamneshkur, is able to pour fire on anyone who is in front of him. In the first phase of the battle, avoid attacking the enemy from the front, it is better to come in from the sides. In addition, avoid blows with your tail and run away from the smoking ground, after a few seconds from there will begin to beat the column of flame. After a certain moment, the dragon will rise into the air and begin to throw stones into the group. The places of their landing will be marked with a shadow, so that damage can be avoided if you observe the battlefield.

Before the battle with the next boss, Ozruk, it's better to clear the terrain from the opponents of the weaker. This character in combat uses four skills, so get ready for a difficult fight. Ideally, the fight looks like this: the tank takes over the boss and unfolds his back to the group. At the moment when Ozruk begins to cast spikes, the tank runs back to the enemy behind his back, and then returns to his former place. All this time, the damager deals damage, stopping beating the moment the boss hangs up the shields.

High Priestess Azil is the final enemy of the Rock. Pass this final boss will not be easy, especially in the heroic mode. In the first phase of the fight, the priestess escapes from her throne and attacks everyone on her way. At this point, any player, except the tank, it is better to run away and engage in mobs, which will be enough. At the second stage, the add-ons will appear even more, in addition, the priestess will return to her pedestal and from there will throw a group of boulders. At this point, avoid the marked areas, so as not to be smeared across the floor. In general, the passage of a location called the stone bowels ("VoB") will require you to maximum concentration, but the reward will be appropriate.

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