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Treasury "DotA 2" - what is it?

"Dota 2", like many other multiplayer projects of our time, has long ceased to be just a game - it has turned into something more. The fact is that in the process you can receive a variety of items, which can then be used in the game. Or even sell them to other players or exchange with them. In "Steam" there is even a separate trading platform on which you can carry out all such actions. However, if everything is clear with ordinary objects, then separately, it is worth considering, for example, the treasury ("Dota 2"), since they work in a completely different scheme.

What is a treasury?

If you are interested in treasuries ("DotA 2"), then you definitely need to learn more about what type of items they are generally referring to. As already mentioned, in many projects that support multiplayer, periodically players drop out various items. However, they can also drop containers that contain a random object, which makes the game much more interesting due to the element of surprise. In Counter Strike, for example, you can get a case that you can open with a key, but in "DotA 2" in the role of such cases are treasuries. They can contain a wide variety of subjects. And you will never know what is inside the treasury. "DotA 2" in this plan is more advantageous than "KS", because in the latter you, besides the case, need to own more and key to open the coveted suitcase, and the treasures are opened just like that.

Where to get the treasury?

Treasuries ("DotA 2") are added to the game at certain events, for example, in the process of holding any major tournament or on an international holiday. Most often they are thematically painted and decorated, and also issued in a certain number of copies. They can drop out to you during the battle, as well as when you go to the store. Thus, the more you play, the more chances you have of getting a treasure chest, which you can then open or sell to other players. However, it should immediately be noted that at this stage the developers have eliminated the possibility of a treasure chest falling out during the game - now it can be obtained only in the store, which makes hunting for such chests even more fascinating. New treasures (DotA 2) add more to the game because you do not need to think about buying or exchanging keys for chests - you can just grab what you see and then enjoy what's going to happen Inside.

Types of treasuries

If you are thinking about what treasure to buy, "Dota 2" tells you the answer itself. The fact is that the content of all will be the same, more precisely, it will be determined randomly. Therefore, choose according to what kind of design you like, and also pay attention to what heroes are intended for the chests you buy. After all, there are those treasuries that suit absolutely everything, and there are special ones that will fit only specific characters - you can find out about it by the appearance of the chest. The opening of the treasuries in DotA 2 is a very fascinating activity, since you never know what exactly will be inside. However, if you buy that chest that does not fit your favorite hero, then the impression can be spoiled, so choose the choice with all responsibility.

What falls out of the treasury?

So, you decided to buy a treasure chest. But first, you should think about whether you need it. Many gamers think that the themed treasuries contain different items, but in fact it is not. You do not need to wait for any specific types of chests, because of all you can get approximately the same items. Some chests have a reopening opportunity, that is, you will be able to try your luck again if the first time you did not like the item at all. But keep in mind that if the second one hits an even worse object for you, you can not return to the first one. So make a decision wisely, as you should consider your actions.

Rare items in treasuries

Many gamers hunt for treasuries, as they expect to find rare items in them, which can not be bought at all, or they are very expensive. But you have to understand that the chance of success is extremely small - as reported by the developers, it is only two percent. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that the percentage does not vary from the type of chest, so that in any case you get a chance of 1:50, that you are lucky to get a rare item. But especially not count on it. What happens in the end? Treasury - this is a great way for players to have fun in addition, except for the gameplay itself. Moreover, opening a treasure chest can bring you an item that will greatly help you in combat or transform the appearance of your hero. Or it will be useless.

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